RSF School honors outstanding students and teachers

On June 7, the Rancho Santa Fe School District held its second annual recognition ceremony, honoring staff and students for their achievements, dedication, and service to the school community.

“This is my favorite day of the year,” said Inspector Donna Tripi.

The ceremony was an opportunity to honor the R. Roger Rowe School students who won the Outstanding Student award from the California Association of School Administrators this year: Lawrence Morales-Diego and Kate Schneider. All 50 schools in the Greater San Dieguito area celebrate a student who excels in the arts, community service, humanities, courage, fellowship and the sciences.

Lawrence, a fifth grader, received an award in fellowship.

“He is the type of student who advocates for his own needs,” said Principal Megan Loh. “He is honest about the work he does and although he has to work hard to achieve his goals, he is persistent with the task and curious to complete it effectively.”

Teacher Lawrence says he always has a positive attitude, is eager to learn new skills and is a friend to everyone.

RSF School Superintendent Donna Tripi awards a student.


Kate, an eighth grader, also received an award for her fellowship and work as student council president this year.

“He has a tremendous drive to bring his friends together to help our larger community and he also has a great will and ability to bring his classmates together at rallies and school events which have fostered a stronger school environment. and more inclusive.” said Loh.

At the ceremony, honorary district teachers Haley Bradford, Jessica Henke and Heidi Moreno, and nurse Helen Galvin.

Bradford coaches men’s and women’s volleyball and serves on the social and emotional learning committees and the strategic design committee, working on the district’s mission, values, and goals. Tripi said Bradford deeply understands the needs of the school community, helping to renovate the teacher’s lounge this year, lifting staff morale in a challenging year.

As the sole healthcare provider for the district, Galvin is a caring nurse who has dealt with loose teeth, playing injuries, stomach aches and for the past two years, the global pandemic. His office has become a COVID testing clinic and Tripi says he has handled all the ever-changing challenges with grace and patience.

Henke’s fifth-grade teachers are great innovators, says Tripi, always looking for ways to enrich the student experience. This year Henke created a school garden for students, complete with a chicken coop, and helped students organize their first annual jogathon, raising funds for the Walking For Kids organization.

Moreno, a sixth grade teacher, is this year’s student council advisor, overseeing their leadership and philanthropic efforts as well as the reopening of the exciting student snack cart. Last summer, Moreno also helped turn an empty classroom into a new library space for high school students to enjoy called Eagle’s Nest.

“I almost cried the first time I went to the library at the club lunch,” says Tripi. “Students play games, create puzzles, read books, work on coloring posters and just have fun alternative to playgrounds. It meets the needs of so many of our students. ”

At the recognition ceremony, the district also honored retirees Mary Liu and Lori Edwards, and Edna Lash’s parents for their work as co-chairs of the Rancho Santa Fe Educational Foundation. Student council members also received special shouts.

This year, RSF School District Council President Jee Manghani would like to have a special board award honoring students who shine at every grade level. Awards quickly came together over the past week with teachers selecting students who best exemplified “The 3 R’s”: Respect, resilience and responsibility.

Students celebrating this year include kindergartener Charlize Chen, first grader Mia Zaydenberg, second grader Avani Sunblad, third grader Taylor Lund, fourth grader Maggie Meier, fifth grader Ella Dye, sixth graders Melissa Ramirez and Addison Rogers, and seventh grader Shane Vinci.

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