Rows of Latest Smartphone Prices From the Latest Oppo A Series, Hello friends, meet again with the admin who on this occasion will inform all friends about. Latest Smartphone Products from Oppo which can be an option,

from the point of view of the design of the Oppo smartphone at the same time as other products, this A sries series can be said to be an Oppo smartphone which is very affordable by all circles,

It’s only natural. Through this series, Oppo is trying to dominate the lower-end market, but in terms of specifications it is very tough with the support of the latest features from Oppo,

Rows of Latest Smartphone Prices from the Latest Oppo A Seres

For affordable Oppo smartphone products, starting from 1 million with the most expensive model at a price of only 3 million with very large financial support,

the cheapest oppo series starting from the OPPO A16, OPPO A15, and OPPO A54 series. Rows of cheap smartphone names from Oppo that friends can have at very affordable prices,

in addition to the names above, there is also the latest line of smartphones, namely OPPO A55, and OPPO A95 which includes the latest line of Oppo smartphones that have reliable specifications,

As already informed to all friends, the Oppo Seies A series is filled with a row of very affordable smartphones with prices starting from Rp. 1,699,000,

While the Oppo A16 series is priced at a price starting from 2,399,000 only with very qualified specifications,

OPPO A55 can also be the right choice for all friends who have a budget of Rp. 2 million, this product is also the latest entrant from the Series A series, which has quality that you can rely on,

look at the official OPPO Indonesia website. The price of the Oppo A55 is priced at only Rp. 2,699.00, this series has been provided with support, yes, it is 4/64 GB of memory. As well as a 50MP camera and 5000 mAh battery,

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Up to the class of Rp. 3 million, the OPPO A95 certainly cannot be ignored. The new OPPO A95 was introduced at the end of 2021. This product comes with up to 13GB of RAM, a 48MP main camera, and a Snapdragon 662 processor.

The official price of the OPPO A95 cellphone is currently still at Rp. 3,999,000. OPPO A95 is still the most expensive product in the price list of the OPPO A Series HP this month.

Another alternative is the OPPO A76 which was just introduced earlier this year. Equipped with a Snapdragon 680 processor, 6GB RAM, and a 5,000 mAh battery, the price of the OPPO A76 cellphone is priced at only Rp. 3,399,000.

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The price list for the OPPO A Series cellphone refers to its availability at the official OPPO Indonesia store. Outside the official store, you may find different prices.

Latest OPPO 2022 A Series Price List

Latest!  Price list for OPPO A series cellphones, starting from 1 million in December 2021 - Talk News
  • OPPO A11K (2/32GB) : Rp 1.299.000
  • OPPO A12 (3/32GB): Rp. 1,499,000
  • OPPO A12 (4/64GB) : Rp 1.999.000
  • OPPO A33 (3/32GB) : Rp 1.799.000
  • OPPO A15 (2/32GB) : Rp 1.699.000
  • OPPO A15 (3/32GB) : Rp 1.799.000
  • OPPO A16 (3/32GB) : Rp 1.999.000
  • OPPO A16 (4/64GB) : Rp 2.499.000
  • OPPO A15s (4/64GB) : Rp 2.299.000
  • OPPO A53 (4/64GB) : Rp 2.499.000
  • OPPO A53 (4/128GB) : Rp 2.699.000
  • OPPO A53 (6/128GB) : Rp 2.999.000
  • OPPO A92 (6/128GB) : Rp 2.999.000
  • OPPO A54 (4/64GB) : Rp 2.399.000
  • OPPO A54 (4/128GB) : Rp 2.699.000
  • OPPO A54 (6/128GB) : Rp 3.099.000
  • OPPO A74 (6/128GB) : Rp 3.399.000
  • OPPO A74 5G (6/128GB) : Rp 3.799.000
  • OPPO A76 (6/128GB) : Rp 3.399.000
  • OPPO A95 (8/128GB) : Rp 3.999.0000


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