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Prima Scented Bus Ticket – For those of you who are Bandung residents who often use bus fleets, you must be familiar with this bus.

As one of the original bus operators in Flower City, PO. Harum Prima is a common for travelers, especially those who will be traveling to East Java.

The popular routes usually used by passengers are Bandung – Madiun, Bandung – Ponorogo, Solo – Bandung, etc.

Apart from being an Intercity Bus (AKAP), Harum Prima also offers tour bus rental service for various purposes.

Prima Scented Bus Ticket

The Harum Prima bus schedule usually takes place during the day from Bandung Cicaheum Terminal to cities in Central Java and East Java.

You can order tickets at the nearest Harum Prima bus dealership in your city or order them online through the Redbus app.

Below the admin has summarized various information about the Harum Prima bus such as dealer phone numbers, routes and ticket prices.

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Profile of PO Harum Prima

Harum Prima Bus is a part of Harum Group which has been in transportation services since 1983.

For decades, this bus has been able to hold its own by only improving its quality to meet the needs of the community in terms of transportation.

Not only that, Harum Prima Bus has a very wide route in West Java area.

Of course, this bus has also become a mainstay for various groups. Starting from the general public, students, to students.

They have placed their trust in the Harum Prima bus to take them to their destination.

Based in Bandung, this bus has always been a mainstay for immigrants from Ponorogo region who want to work in Flower City.

Moreover, with reasonable ticket prices, Harum Prima Bus is always an available option every time you leave for Flower City, Bandung.

Thanks to the high-quality bus fleet and superior engines, the safety of passengers can of course be guaranteed.

In accordance with Bus Harum Prima commitment who wish to continue to improve and improve the quality of their services.

Harum Prima buses also have different classes and facilities. No wonder this bus is suitable for all walks of life.

Thus, travelers can define their needs according to their budget.

Harum Prima bus class and utilities

Harum Prima Bus provides high quality fleet facilities to support passenger comfort on every journey.

  • Harum Prima AC Bus Executive Class

Harum Prima Bus has one category, executive air conditioner with 2-2 seat settings.

The fleet of buses offered by Harum Prima Bus is renowned for being luxurious, family-friendly, and complete with friendly staff services.

In addition, all the facilities offered are of course comparable to the ticket prices offered by Harum Prima Bus.

In this way, you can consider that this bus is not very expensive and has many advantages that make the passengers comfortable.

  • Fragrant Prima bus facilities

Similar to the above, this bus has full facilities. In addition, the fleet is luxurious.

This way, you will immediately expect that the facilities provided will make your trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Below are the facilities of the Harum Prima Bus that passengers get.

  • Alternating current
  • Luggage
  • pillows
  • karaoke
  • Music
  • blanket
  • designated smoking area
  • the toilet
  • LCD TV
  • USB port

Latest Harum Prima Bus Ticket Prices

road bus class Price (Rs.)
Bandung – Purwokerto executive conditioning 85,000
Bandung – Ponorogo executive conditioning 195.500
Bandung – Purworejo executive conditioning 184,000
Bandung – Kebumen executive conditioning 184,000
Bandung – Madiun executive conditioning 195.500
Bandung – Muspati executive conditioning 195.500

Note: Fares for Harum Prima buses can change at any time without prior notice.

List of nearest Harum Prima bus agents

As a big road transport bus, Harum Prima Bus is definitely easy to find in different places according to the routes provided.

In addition, you can also visit and contact the many available Harum Prima Bus dealers.

Here are a Harum Prima Bus dealer you can contact:

1. Harum Bus Prima Bandung Agent

  • Address: Jl. Soekarno-Hatta No. 480 district. Bandung Kidul, Bandung City
  • Tel: (022) 7531284

2. Harum Prima Cimahi . Bus Agent

  • Address: Jl. Major General Hazrat Amir Mashmoud n. 165 neighbourhood. South Al-Samahi, Al-Samahi City
  • Tel: 087822962495


As mentioned earlier, Harum Prima Bus is the right choice for you in ground transportation services.

Of course, the facilities offered are very complete and also qualified to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable.

The Harum Prima Bus ticket price is also reasonable in its category.

In this way, you indirectly get a lot of benefits every time you ride this bus.

Moreover, a neat and clean fleet of buses is the main thing, so you can sit comfortably even if you have a long journey. It might be useful!

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