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Roger Hugo Amandus: 5 Fun Facts About Mister International Malaysia 2022

Beauty Pageants are more than just people looking pretty on stage. It’s a platform for normal, everyday people to get the chance to spread positive messages and educate the world about topics they care deeply about. Its purpose is also to inspire those to dream big and take risks to become someone people would look up to.

The 14th Mister International 2022 is currently in full swing and will be taking place live in Manila, Philippines on 30th October. Of course, as you’d expect, we have someone representing Malaysia. In support of our local talent, let’s know a little more about Roger Hugo Amandus:

1. He’s from Sabah

Roger Hugo Amandus hails from the land of East Malaysia. The 21-year-old once shared that he is of Lotud descent, an indigenous ethnic group residing in Sabah on the island of Borneo. Lotud is also a sub-ethnic group of the Kadazan-Dusun group.

2. He’s An Advocate For Body Positivity


Believe it or not, beauty pageant contestants have their own insecurities when it comes to body image. The Sabahan model shared his struggles with his body on the Mister International Malaysia IG page. He revealed he was once a victim of body shaming but worked hard to finally love himself and accept body the way it is. We stan a body positivity King.

3. Mister International 2022 Is Not His First Rodeo

It’s no wonder the young contestant is so confident in participating in this year’s Mister International. Other than his good looks, the Sabahan talent is actually very experienced in competing in several beauty pageants in the past. To name a few, he won Best Model in the Mister Kaamatan Membakut pageant in 2019 and he was the second runner-up for Mister Cultural Ambassador earlier this year.

4. He’s A Gamer


Who would’ve thought a man this handsome could be a pro at gaming as well? Okay, we’re not sure about him being a pro but we do know Roger enjoys playing PUBG as he has posted some of his gameplay recordings on his Facebook. Who knows, one of you might stand a chance to play with him in the future.

5. Honoring His Heritage

Recently, the Mister International 2022 IG posted photos of each contestant in their Best National Costume. The public figure posed in a Rinapaan Do Suang Lotud, a traditional costume of Dusun Lotud. He wrote on his own personal IG that it was a proud moment for him to wear the costume to not only represent Malaysia but the Lotud people as well.

Bonus Fact

1. You’ll Never Walk Alone!


As you can tell from the bonus title, Roger Amandus is a Liverpool Football club supporter! Or at least, according to a Facebook post back in 2014. Since this is not updated, we thought we’d feature it as a bonus fact. The model once had a quote from former football player Kenny Dalglish as his FB’s cover photo as seen in the screenshot above.

Obviously, there’s a lot more about Roger than what we’ve listed but this is all we have for you now. If you want to know him a little better then be sure to follow his social media! All the best to Roger Amandus for Mister International 2022!

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