Rm1.2 million house for sale, Shuk Sahar starts unpacking

PETALING JAYA – Comedian Shuk Sahar finally had to say goodbye to his RM1.2 million bungalow after the luxury residence had a buyer.

Shuk or his real name, Mohammad Shukri Mohamed Sahar, shared this via uploading a rather sad video on Instagram.

In the uploaded video, the furniture can be seen being lowered from the house using a truck.

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One by one the items that must have a special value for Shuk, 36, and his family were evacuated from the house located in Denai Alam, Shah Alam, Selangor.

“God willing, there is something better. Goodbye Ferrea (his house name),” said the former Hot FM radio presenter.

In the comments section, many shared their sadness but at the same time reminded Shuk that what happened should be a lesson in his life.

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“Actually this is a lesson for everyone. Wife is the door of sustenance for you. You are successful no matter which share of your wife and children’s sustenance.

“But, when the wife’s heart is not guarded, the children are neglected with love and time, God to teach. The secret won’t last forever because a wife has strong instincts that a husband doesn’t.

“I feel sorry for the wife whose heart and feelings are tormented. Mental abuse,” said an Instagram user.

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Previously, through a live session on TikTok, Shuk Sahar was informed that he wanted to sell his bungalow house for RM1.2 million.

He said the reason for selling the house was because he needed money to continue living.

Shuk added that he was determined to sell the house because at the same time he had to pay off credit card debt and Inland Revenue Board (IRB) taxes.

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“Yes, I’m determined. If I don’t pay later, the house must be auctioned. It’s difficult, isn’t it. So it’s better to sell it first. The money I get later, I want to pay off debts such as credit cards and IRB taxes, “he said.

Until now, the relationship status of Shuk and his wife has not been confirmed after the Sabahan woman filed for divorce in November last year. – COSMO! ON LINE

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