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Rizky Billar Turns Out He Already Had A Child When He Was Aunt’s Mistress in Kalibata

Photo: – Collage/@Istimewa – The domestic violence incident that occurred in Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora’s household attracted the attention of many people on various social media platforms.

Lesti Kejora, who has reported to the police to this day, is reported to have been rushed to the hospital after being slammed and strangled by her husband after being caught cheating.

As a result of this incident, Rizky Billar’s dark past is now in the spotlight of many people. One by one, the digital footprints were opened to the public.

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Blonde Girl Speak Up

One of Rizky Billar’s ulcers that made netizens excited was opened by a blonde woman who claimed to have known her for a long time.

Through a video re-uploaded by Instagram @rumpi_gossip, the woman revealed surprising things about Rizky Billar. He admitted that he had wanted to discuss the ulcers of Lesti Kejora’s husband for a long time.

Hoping that Rizky Billar would become a better figure than before, in fact the blonde woman was even more furious.

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Moreover, lately his name has continued to appear on various social media because he is suspected of committing domestic violence to Lesti Kejora.

Whereas Rizky Billar’s image was initially considered good by the public. It is undeniable, many netizens idolize him as a husband and father figure.

“I’ve been really angry, actually, since the time he wanted to marry Lesti. That’s actually what I want to say, but I can’t stand it. I think he’s changed into a better guy like that,” said the blonde woman, reported by IntipSeleb from Instagram @rumpi_gossip.

The blonde woman bluntly said that Rizky Billar already had a female before marrying Lesti Kejora.

“Rizky Billar already has 1 child, if you are a big fan of Rizky Billar, try opening his ig before marrying Lesti. If you scroll down, there must be a girl who was photographed with him. That’s her son and her aunt who owns a salon in Kalibata,” he said.

Called Aunt Kalibata’s Mistress Man

Rizky Billar Turns Out He Already Had A Child When He Was Aunt's Mistress in Kalibata
Photo: – Web / @ hops

Not satisfied until there, the blonde woman also revealed Rizky Billar as a mistress. He even uncovered the address where Rizky Billar lived at that time with a woman he called the salon owner’s aunt.

“He had a relationship with a woman who owned a salon in Kalibata, in the Flamboyan tower if I’m not mistaken,” said the blonde woman.

“That’s the salon that keeps Rizky,” he continued.

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Not without reason. The blonde woman exposed Rizky Billar’s figure. The reason is that he claimed to be a person who knew Lesti Kejora’s husband, and even attended school at the same place.

“I say this because I know him, know the girl. Thank you, you should get Lesti, get a diamond,” said the blonde woman.*


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