Review of Korean Drama Twenty Five Twenty One, Fencing Athlete’s Romance and Reporter

Judul: Twenty Five Twenty One

First episode: February 12, 2022

Last episode: April 3, 2022

Number of episodes: 16

Director: Jung Ji-hyun

Pemeran: Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk, Bona, Lee Joo-myung and Choi Hyun-wook

Twenty Five Twenty One tells the story of the romance and exciting life journey of Na Hee Do, a South Korean fencer with Back Yi Jin, a UBS reporter. The two of them have a story in their teenage years starting from 1998 until they go their separate ways in life.

Back Yi Jin, who comes from a wealthy family that went bankrupt, begins to find his passion again when he is with Na Hee Do. Na Hee Do also finds happiness in his teenage years because of Back Yi Jin’s existence. The story of the two is even more interesting with their friendship with Ji Seung Wan, Moon Ji Wong and Ko Yu Rim. The story of the five of them from teenagers to success is very interesting to follow.

What’s interesting about this drama is none other than the figure of Na Hee Do, played by Kim Tae Ri. Kim Tae Ri had great success playing the role of a teenager even though he is now three-headed. Not only that, Nam Joo Hyuk’s presence also attracted attention. After the great success with the character Nam Do San in Start-Up, now Nam Joo Hyuk plays the character Back Yi Jin.

In addition, raising the story of the struggle of fencing athletes is also interesting for many people. Many people still feel familiar with fencing. With this drama, many people understand the game of fencing, so that fencing is back in the spotlight of many people.

The best moments from Twenty Five Twenty One are in episodes 10, 11, 15 and 16. Episode 10 will be very warm in the heart where the five of them are on vacation at the beach. Their togetherness, their warmth and of course their friendship was heartwarming. Then there is episode 11 which makes Ji Seung Wan’s character look really cool. The coolness of Ji Seung Wan who dared to leave school is very epic and will be one of the coolest episodes in this drama.

The next Best Moment is in episode 15. Na Hee Do and Ko Yu Rim have a fencing match and are packaged very attractively as if they were actually watching the match. The feeling of emotion after the match will definitely make many people weep. This drama just gets cooler when it enters the final episode. Episode 16 is a relief to all. Na Hee Do and Back Yi Jin not being together doesn’t mean their lives are ruined. The two of them continue to walk each other with their love being the best memories of their lives. The success of Na Hee Do’s other friends also makes the ending of this drama a relief even though the main characters are not together.

Twenty Five Twenty One is very sweet and certainly heartwarming. Memora.ID doesn’t hesitate to give a score 9/10.

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