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Review Good Luck Jerry Hotstar Original movie Good Luck Jerry starring Jhanvi Kapoor released today on Hotstar, the movie is a dark comedy thriller, I just finished the movie, and here is the detailed review of the movie.

The film stars Janhvi Kapoor in lead role along with Sushant Singh, Deepak Dobriyal, Meeta Vashisht, Shivam Gaur and others. The movie is about 90 minutes long and you can watch the movie with family and friends, the movie does not contain any derogatory words or any nude %%ty. You can stream the movie on Netflix, here is the detailed review.

The story of the film revolves around Jerry aka Jaya Kumari, played by Janhvi Kapoor, who needs around 30 lakhs for her mother’s operation. There is a lot of money in drug dealing and she starts acting as one. Delivery girl between suppliers and buyers. You have to watch the full movie on Hotstar to know that Jerry did something that no one expected when his life and his family’s life was in danger.

Janhvi Kapoor tried her best to play the role of Bihari girl but still, she was not that good in the film, her accent looks unreal and same with body language and dialogue delivery, this is one of her finest performances After Gunjan Saxena, she still needs a lot to improve in such serious roles. Deepak Dubriyal sometimes looks funny and sometimes teases you with his inane dialogues.

This is going to be the worst performance of the career for Meeta Vashisht, she was very good in shows like Your Honour, Criminal Justice and others and here she looks so fake, she failed miserably with her delivery and it is that Never matched the Bihari accent Sushant Singh was brilliant and he makes the film a fun watch and so was Saurabh Sachdeva, he was so good in the film. Other actors like Neeraj Sood and Shivam Gaur were also good.

The film lacks a thrilling story, the last 30 minutes were catchy but the first 30 minutes the film struggles, the script is very poor and the film lacks that spark from the very beginning. Makers try to make this film LUDO with some fun elements but they fail here. There is another issue with the runtime movie, the first 30 minutes were super slow. The music is average and so is the location with the BGM.

The film has nothing more than a 30-minute climax, if you are a fan of Janhvi Kapoor and want to see something different from her, then this movie can help you. If you are looking for something extraordinary, then this movie is not for you.

Indiansbit Good Luck Jerry Rating:- 5 / 3***

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