Return of the ejector opens the door for individual rotation decision

The Houston Astros welcome back bowler Lance McCullers Jr. from injury, and they toss him in a spin.

The Houston Astros welcome the return of bowler Lance McCullers Jr., and they won’t waste any time with his return.

He will start in Saturday’s game against Oakland Athletics, although he has been out since October 2021 due to a muscle strain.

McCullers is undoubtedly talented. Through 2021, he produced an ERA of 3.16, hitting the average against .205 and a WHIP of 1.22. The Astros, in general, have many talented shooters and are currently at the top of the AL West, well above .500.

He produced results that made him an option for the Cy Young Award. However, he has been abroad for about a year. Throwing it into the starting cycle too soon could hurt the team’s success.

The addition of Lance McCullers Jr. To start spinning to damage the Astros

Whatever strategy the Astros have used this season is working well for them, and they shouldn’t be so quick to change it. McCullers has a lot of potential, but his success is unpredictable given a major injury and lack of playing time over the past year.

Houston isn’t in dire need of upgrading their roster. Among the entire league, they currently have the second-best ERA (2.99), the best opponent hit rate (.210) and the second-best WHIP (1.09).

according to CBS SportsMcCullers has amassed in his career 3.57 ERA (116 ERA+) and 2.74 strike-to-walk ratio, as well as 9.7 over-substitution wins, according to baseball reference calculations.

It should be fully considered to start the rotation, but dumping it too soon could backfire on Houston and hurt their success.

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