Restaurant owner’s son 35 upset mother accused of being rude & called ‘tribal aunt’


Yesterday, there was a contagion on social media about the treatment of the owner of a ‘leading’ restaurant in Melaka who was said to have been insulted and got the attention of many.

Recently, the son of the owner of Restaurant 35 located in Bandar Hilir, Melaka appeared to explain the real situation.

Upset to hear stories ’round and round’

He, who wants to be known as Ila, expressed regret over the allegations made by the woman on the Facebook page to tarnish the restaurant’s reputation.

Clearly Ila, the woman was actually ‘distorting the real thing, where she came to their shop at 4pm instead of 2pm as written on social media.

“He said he came at 2 pm, but actually at 4 pm.

“When it came at 4 pm, of course a lot of goods and food had run out,” he explained.

Already informed the customers, they will close the store early if they run out of goods

In addition, Ila told the customer that he had been told that the store would close early if the wet goods ran out.

“My shop is not from 12 noon to 5 pm and sometimes it will close early, depending on the food supply stock.

“I have told customers, if they want to eat too, we will provide what is available,” he explained when contacted by mStar.

Ila regrets being accused of the price of food in expensive shops

What the 39 -year -old woman regretted, the customer claimed that the price of food in their shop was very expensive and unaffordable.

Ila said the price they had to pay was comparable to an order for ten people, especially looking at the type of side dishes eaten.

“They order food instead of a small reason for ten people by ordering stingrays, mango kerabu, omelet and turmeric fried meat.

“Each dish ordered is two large plates and we charge based on what they ordered.” He added.


On the allegation regarding her mother being nicknamed ‘tribal aunt’ because of her volume in speaking in front of customers, Illa said the issue was nothing new.

“Even before my restaurant went viral because of the issue influencer Two years ago, that was my mother’s temperament. We are not new to business, we have been in business for decades.

“If the customer regular, they know how my mother behaves. From the customer’s parents to their children, they know each other.

In September 2020, the restaurant was infected because of a woman entrepreneur who is also influencer allegedly evicted while reviewing products at the premises.

Through the infectious video, some forbidding voices were heard influencer was promoting her beauty products in their restaurant, forcing the woman to leave the premises.

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