Remember the Trainee Period, Here’s BLACKPINK’s Trick ‘Skipping’ Exercise!

Before being successful on the international scene as it is today, BLACKPINK has also gone through many story-filled times while being a traineeas ‘leaked’ by Jisoo.

Through an interview with Rolling Stone, BLACKPINK shared one of their plans to skip training which was mentored by one of YG’s top choreographers, Kim Hee Jung aka Potato Teacher (gamja seonsaengnim), a legendary choreographer who is feared by many.

BLACKPINK (Foto: Rolling Stone/Peter Ash Lee)

“We dance literally every day. Sometimes we really, really want to take a break. So one day…,” said Jisoo who was detained by Lisa.

“…we unplugged so many wires that went to the speakers, and said, ‘Huh? Why can’t the music be heard?’. Our class is 1 hour long. Teknin came to fix it, in 30 minutes,” said Jisoo.

“But even those 30 minutes are very valuable, very valuable”, said Jennie who was continued by Rosé with a laugh, “we are indeed a problematic group.”

BLACKPINK (Foto: Rolling Stone/Peter Ash Lee)

Jisoo added that it was possible that choreographer Kim Hee Jung didn’t know the story until they ‘leaked’ it through an interview with Rolling Stone.

It’s just funny behavior from these four BLACKPINK members, haha. (

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