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Regional Events in Defending Indonesian Independence

Bandung Sea of ​​Fire

Allied troops entered the city of Bandung in October 1945. In Bandung, the Allies also acted arbitrarily by issuing threats to the people of Bandung to hand over weapons disarmed from the Japanese army. In addition, the Allies asked the fighters and the people to leave the city of Bandung. for reasons of security. The ultimatum was ignored by the fighters, so there were frequent clashes with the Allies. The city of Bandung was then divided into two parts, north and south, which were bounded by railroads.

After the first ultimatum was ignored. The second ultimatum came on March 23, 1946. Its contents asked to immediately vacate the entire city of Bandung. The Government of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta ordered that the second ultimatum be obeyed by the people of Bandung.

Finally, the fighters who joined the TRI (Army of the Republic of Indonesia) in Bandung with a heavy heart left the city of Bandung towards the south, namely to Baleendah, Dayeuhkolot, Soreang and other surrounding areas. Before leaving Bandung, Republican fighters launched a general attack on Allied positions in North Bandung. On March 24, 1946, they burned all buildings and goods in the southern city of Bandung. They were not willing if Bandung, which they defended and loved so much, was occupied and controlled by the Allies as a whole. Better to be burned to the ground than to be overrun by the enemy.

Battle of Ambarawa

The Battle of Ambarawa took place on November 21, 1945. The outbreak of this battle began with the actions of the Allies and NICA which freed the Dutch internment in Magelang and Ambarawa without first negotiating with the republicans. Indonesian people actually do not think about it. When they came to Semarang on October 20, 1945, the Allied goal was to take care of prisoners of war and Japanese soldiers who were there.

The release of the internment was judged arbitrarily. Therefore, there was a clash of arms between the republicans and the Allies in Magelang which escalated into a battle. This battle became known as the Battle of Ambarawa.

The battle against the Allies claimed many lives, one of which was Lieutenant Colonel Isdiman, Commander of the Banyumas Regiment. The death of this commander indirectly prompted the Commander of the Banyumas Division, Colonel Sudirman to take to the battlefield in Ambarawa and bring new enthusiasm among the fighters.

On December 12, 1945, the fighters again attacked the Allies simultaneously at the same time. The battle lasted for four days, the Allied troops who were British soldiers were finally driven out of Ambarawa.

Battlefield Area

North Sumatra was the area that received late information about the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence. Mr. Teuku Mohammad Hasan, who was appointed governor, delivered the good news on August 27, 1945. At the behest of the central government in Jakarta, he enforced the sovereignty of the republic in Sumatra.

Before the Allies arrived there, a group of Dutch commandos led by Westerling had arrived. Only later, on October 9, 1945 the Allies (British troops or Gurkhas) arrived in Medan with Dutch troops and NICA on board. Seeing the unfavorable attitude, the youths there immediately formed the People’s Security Army (TKR).

The predictions of the youths turned out to be correct. The battle broke out on October 13, 1945. This battle was the beginning of the armed struggle for the people in Medan. This battle is known as the Battle of Medan Area.

Clashes between the Indonesian people and the Dutch then spread throughout the city of Medan. Due to frequent clashes, the Allies as usual issued meaningless ultimatums. The contents of the ultimatum were to prohibit the people from carrying weapons and all existing weapons must be handed over to the Allies.

Battles with the Allied armies were unavoidable. On December 10, 1945, the Allies launched a massive attack involving their warplanes. Many casualties fell on both sides.

The struggle of the Indonesian people against foreign powers in order to maintain independence was carried out in almost all cities in Indonesia. They worked hand in hand to expel the Dutch who were assisted by the Allies to regain control of their homeland.


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