Reducing the volume of APBD in Pontianak City by IDR 66.29 billion

Gencil News – The size of the Pontianak City APBD was reduced by 66.29 billion rupees, and the reduced size of the Pontianak City APBD was conveyed by Pontianak Mayor Edi Kamtono when reading a financial note on a draft amendment to the Pontianak City APBD for 2022.

Eddy said the lower volume of APBD is due to income inequality between sectors. To get around this, the deputy mayor of Pontianak said he had to cut back the General Allocation Fund (DAU) from the central government.

And he said, Monday (1/8/2022), “Then there are several goals that were not achieved, then the multi-year budget extension.”

This amendment is being made based on the Minister of the Interior (Permendagri) Regulation No. 77 of 2022. Eddy hopes that the amendment will continue to pay attention to effectiveness, efficiency and transparency.

“They also paid attention to important aspects such as financial accountability, as well as the performance-based budget approach from the funds that have been allocated,” he added.

He added that the process of preparing the draft Provincial Budget Amendment has been maximized to present the remainder to the DPRD Budget Board and the Pontianak City Government Budget Team.

He concluded that “the program that has been implemented will continue to operate even though it will have an impact.”

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