Recommended Safest App Locker App for Android

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If your smartphone doesn’t have a feature to lock apps. We can use app lock app.

App Lock is an application that we can use to lock applications on our Android. That way, you don’t have to worry anymore if your phone is borrowed by someone else.

Many advanced app lock apps available on Google Playstore. And here are 12 applications that we can use to lock our applications.

Best App Locker Apps for Android

1. Fingerprint Unlock AppLock

Just like his name. AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock is an app where users can lock apps using fingerprint system.

However, AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock also provides other lock features like password and pattern.

Apart from that, there are other advantages of this application. This means that this app will take a photo of the person trying to unlock our Android phone.

Apart from this application, we can also download it for free. And very special again will not be bothered by ads if you use this application.

2. Fingerprint AppLock

Although this application has the name AppLock – Fingerprint but other than fingerprint type lock. This app also provides other main types like using pattern or PIN.

With this app we can lock different apps safely. Apart from our apps, we can also lock many folders on our phone.

Unique This app will automatically take a picture of the person trying to force unlock our phone.

This app will automatically launch the hidden front camera. Then take a photo of the person and save it.

Along with this application, you will also see an error message when someone tries to compromise an existing password.

With the appearance of this message, people who do will be frustrated and also feel panic.

3. App Lock App _Vault

Then we can use the Android Vault application. With this application, we can lock Android applications such as WA easily.

Apart from WA, we can also lock all apps in our Android system. We can lock the gallery, contact list, and even apply settings.

Not only lock, this application can also be used to hide SMS. This application can of course be installed for free on your Android device.

4. Smart App Lock (Protect Apps)

If we want to keep a secret in the application on our phone. now we can use the Smart AppLock application.

This app has been downloaded and used by more than 100,000 users. Able to provide security for all applications on our Android smartphone.

By using this application, we can easily lock applications on our cellphones. Such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, LINE and other applications.

Apart from social media apps, this app can also be used to lock default apps. Such as SMS, contacts, call logs, etc.

5. Perfect AppLock (App Protector)

Still not satisfied with the above app lock app? Don’t worry, there are still many other applications that we can use to lock our applications.

The next app has the name Perfect AppLock (application protector). This application has been downloaded by more than 200,000 users on Google Playstore.

This application provides three types of locks namely PIN, pattern and gesture. Just like other lock apps, we can lock every app on Android phone.

Not only that, this application can also be used to lock folders and files.

This application also applies to the anti-theft feature. A function that will take photos automatically if someone tries to unlock more than 3 times.

6. Norton App Lock

Next up, we have the Norton Lock app. This app is an app lock app available on Android.

Norton App Lock alone was able to get users who touched almost 100,000 users. Like other apps, this app provides 3 types of locks.

With Norton App Lock, we can lock all the apps on our Android phone.

Such as gallery lock, games, notes, contacts and other apps. In addition, Norton App Lock will take a photo of anyone who tries to compromise the security code on our phone.

This way we can find out who is trying to reveal our secret.

7. App Lock: Fingerprint Password

Do you want to lock apps on Android safely? We can choose the App Lock application: Fingerprint Password.

This app is one of the best app lock apps according to our experience.

In this application, we can use 3 lock modes, namely fingerprint, pattern, and password.

Not only that, Ap Lock: Fingerprint Password also has the ability to lock various current apps.

From social media apps like Instagram to other apps like photo gallery or video gallery.

In fact, we can also lock or hide important emails on your Android phone.

8. App Lock AppLocker

Next there is a lightweight locking app called AppLocker Lock Apps.

This application also has functions and uses that are almost similar to other locking applications.

We can easily lock apps on our phone using this AppLocker Lock Apps.

This application also has various features that are quite complete to secure our application.

With this app, apart from that we can lock apps using pattern and password.

We can also lock apps with a fingerprint, as long as the phone we are using has a fingerprint feature. In addition, this application also has a very attractive and not boring appearance.


IVYMOBILE also provides an application lock application called AppLock – IVYMOBILE.

By using this application we can lock all applications on our Android phone. Like social media apps and even photo gallery apps.

With this application, we can choose the type of lock we will use. There are two locks available and password and pattern.

Not only that, this application also provides a variety of themes that we are ready to use for free. Of course with the theme features we will feel more comfortable using this application.

10. LOCKit

LOCKit is the next application that can provide a high level of security for applications on Android phones.

Inside the application, we can lock the application using 3 types of lock codes, namely pattern, PIN and fingerprint.

Apart from locking apps, LOCKit can also be used to lock or hide files or folders on our phones.

Interestingly, if someone opened we forcefully asked. LOCKit will then automatically photograph the person’s face.

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That’s how some applications to lock applications on your android, please choose the best in your opinion. Thanks.

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