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Reason and How to Save Electricity at Home For the Future

Saving electricity is a step that should be done by everyone. There are many benefits that can be obtained by saving electricity. One of them is to conserve the earth by minimizing the residue of electricity use.

In addition, monthly electricity bills can be further reduced by saving. That way, the saved expenses can be used to meet other needs.

Reasons to Save Electricity

Electricity has become the most important need in human life because there are many activities that use electricity. However, there are still some who are not aware that they have been wasteful in using electricity. Here are the most important reasons why now everyone should save electricity.

1. Save Cost

Electricity is of course not free. Every month, users have to pay electricity bills according to their usage. The greater the use of electricity, the higher the costs that must be incurred. With frugality, there is money that can be saved or allocated for more useful expenses. For example for education funds, future investments, social needs such as alms, and others. That’s why how to save electricity is an important thing that everyone should know.

2. Limited Resources

Until now, a lot of electricity is still sourced from coal. Keep in mind, coal is a non-renewable resource. It took millions of years to produce this resource. Therefore, saving electrical energy is one way to save resource supplies as well.

3. Nature Conservation

Coal is a fuel that leaves waste in the form of carbon emissions which of course pollutes the environment. The higher the coal consumption, the higher the CO2 emissions that can damage the earth’s atmosphere.

Excessive use of electricity can result in global warming which at any time can threaten human life. That’s the reason saving electricity is not only about saving money, but also preserving nature.

4. Electricity Rates Keep Rising

When a generator is forced to produce more electricity than its capacity due to wasteful use, the performance of the generator will suffer more quickly. If waste continues to be carried out, maintenance of the power plant will be more expensive so that it will have an impact on increasing electricity rates. Damage to the generator can also have an impact on frequent power outages. This of course will result in huge losses, both for the state and the people themselves.

How to Save Electricity at Home

How to save electricity is actually easy. Start by paying attention to the little things at home that are actually extravagant, but don’t realize they are often done. The following steps can be taken to save electricity:

1. Turn on the Lights as Necessary

Many think the light should always be on at night, but it doesn’t have to be. Turn on the lights only as needed. For example, only turn on the lights in the room that is being used. If you leave the room, turn off the lights first. In addition, use a dim lamp with a small electrical power for a light sleeper.

2. Turn off all unused electrical appliances

This method has been proven to be effective for saving and reducing electricity bills. Turn off all electrical devices that are not used in the house in a disciplined manner. Unplug the cables that are still plugged into the socket, even though they are not in use. For example, such as laptop chargers, cell phones, and the like.

3. Turn on the AC sufficiently

Instead of always using the air conditioner during the day, rely on ventilation or windows to the maximum. Using ventilation can also make the air in the room change so it doesn’t become humid. If it’s still hot, try using a fan with less electricity consumption.

4. Minimize Dispenser Usage

Water heaters and dispenser coolers are indeed more practical. However, its use requires more electrical energy. Consider using a dispenser again, especially if it’s only for a cup of coffee. Boiling water is considered more efficient if only to make a cup of coffee. If you need cold water, store the water in the refrigerator so you don’t need additional electronics.

5. Limiting the Use of High Power Electronics

Actually changing electrical devices from high power to low power is highly recommended. Even now, there are many high-tech devices that are more efficient, such as TVs and LED lights, refrigerators, washing machines, safe energy air conditioners, and others. If there is no cost to replace it, make it a habit to limit the use of the electronic device. If necessary limit the time or size. For example, setting a timer on the air conditioner, using the washing machine twice a week, setting the refrigerator temperature at a low level, and so on.


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