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Real Link Antonio Brown Twitter Video Pool Viral – Real Link Antonio Brown Twitter Video Pool Viral. This famous ex-NFL terrible kid could be hailed for unlawful utilization of the hands — and butt.

Troubled Everything Genius collector Antonio Brown was found on video pushing his uncovered backside into the essence of a dazed lady in an open air pool at a fancy Dubai inn – and afterward lifting his masculinity out of the water and whipping it toward her, as wide-looked at travelers watched in shock.

Video film acquired by The Post of the May 14 occurrence at the Armani Inn Dubai shows Brown, 34, dangerously close to the lady, who at first ignored the consideration yet immediately swam away to get away from the disputable turf perfect.

Observers said Brown — whose past off-the-field jokes have gotten him into high temp water with the association and the law and who stays a NFL free specialist after peculiarly stopping on the Tampa Narrows Marauders in a game last season — had quite recently met the lady and she was smoldering after the experience.

In one video, Brown — who is clearly naked beside gold chains around his neck — is crouched at the edge of the pool with the lady.

He then establishes two hands on the pool’s deck to lift himself out of the water two times – putting his butt in the lady’s face the twice.

She dismisses, ignoring the clear nonpartisan zone infractions, as different men in the pool start egging on Brown, hollering “Better believe it!” “Another!” and “Stomach muscle!”

Antonio Brown exposes himself to stunned guests in hotel pool

In the subsequent video, Brown seems to frighten the lady when he attempts to tie a head scarf around her head. She’s ready to snap off the scarf, which observes said he grabbed from another swimmer.

Earthy colored then lifts the lady up and throws her straight into the water like he was spiking a football, the stunning video shows.

The lady ascends out the water, wipes her eyes, and swims to the opposite side of the pool — away from Brown.

One man jokes, “He’s waterboarding her!” while another snidely answers, “He’s giving her the long board!”

Inclining along the edge of the pool’s inside, Earthy colored then gets his penis, and momentarily yanks it out of the water toward the lady, causing another man sitting and noticing poolside to shout: “Good gracious!”

Two observers let The Post know that Brown kept on displaying his genitals a few times after the recording finished, inconsiderately asking the lady: “You need it?”

The sources said the lady showed up apparently disturbed and was subsequently spotted inside the lodging shouting and griping to others about the occurrence.

A rep for the lodging declined remark and would not uncover the lady’s personality.

Brown was approached to leave the lodging not long after the episode, as per an inn staff member who mentioned obscurity. The inn had likewise gotten before grumblings from different visitors about Earthy colored’s shenanigans, the source said.

Antonio Brown Twitter Video Pool Viral

Antonio Brown Twitter Video Pool Viral

The grumblings included Brown purportedly censuring Joined Middle Easterner Emirates clothing regulation traditions by parading his exposed chest to visitors inside the inn, and smoking what they accept resembled cannabis in his room, which would disregard the nation’s regulation.

Brown, presently a hopeful rap craftsman, was in the Unified Bedouin Emirates to see his mate, previous boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr., battle a presentation in Abu Dhabi and proceed as the fighter strolled into the ring.

The seven-time Genius Bowler stunned the NFL world in January when he deserted Tom Brady and the other then-reigning champ Marauders in a game with the Planes that they at last took out in the last seconds.

Brown ripped off his assets at MetLife Arena prior to running shirtless through the end zone to the storage space after a clear conflict with the training staff about whether he was adequately sound to play.

The group delivered him days after the fact, saying they previously proposed to get Brown psychological wellness help yet he rejected.

His all over profession incorporates being suspended the initial 8 rounds of the 2020 season for abusing the NFL’s own lead strategy. The choice came after a previous female mentor, Britney Taylor, documented a claim blaming Brown for physically attacking her. The two sides settled the common suit in 2021 without uncovering the details of the understanding.

In 2020, Brown argued no challenge to robbery and battery charges in Florida in the wake of being accused of going after a driver of a moving truck that conveyed a portion of his assets from California. He was requested to carry out two years of assessment that included taking indignation the executives courses

Brown started his NFL profession in 2010 with the Pittsburgh Steelers where he was among the association’s most productive and useful wide recipients during his nine seasons there. He was exchanged to Oakland Looters 2019 however was delivered prior to playing a game following a progression of off-the-field episodes.

When inquired as to whether he supported stripping in the pool and uncovering himself, Brown messaged a columnist Saturday: “do what u got to do p — y u white young men dead as of now.”


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