“Real fighters” -Many people see the country’s fighters injured but still continue to fight

Since yesterday, the video of the national wrestler, Al Jufferi Jamari who was seen injured while fighting against the Indonesian wrestler, Iqbal Candra Pratama, made the supporters of the Malaysian team panic.

However, according to a report from Astro Arena, the injuries suffered by the wrestler were not serious.

The video made many people shed tears

However, the video came when Jufferi Jamari endured pain in his right shoulder when in the second and third round he participated in the 70-75kg category.

The matter was re -shared by a tikTok user known as kismiskur_kur when it was clear that the athlete’s face was withstanding the pain but remained strong to continue the match.

@kismiskur_kur al jufferi just won against indonesia with practically one arm 😭❤️#seagames31 #aljufferijamari #malaysia ♬ Standing In The Eyes Of The World – Ella

Fight for the country

The high spirit in Al Jufferi has made many people cry, especially the video that was uploaded with the song Standing In The Eyes Of The World sung by the country’s rock queen, Ella.

Which is not the case, the great efforts of the national athletes in ensuring that the Negaraku song resonates in the land of the people makes us as Malaysians equally moved even though they have to fight with the pain to advance to the next round.

Any kind of pain for the sake of Malaysia

In relation to the partnership, the average netizen who watched the video recording during the quarter-final match admitted that he saw Al Jufferi’s expression when he was injured.

They pray that the wrestlers and athletes who are fighting in Hanoi will continue to be enthusiastic and be able to do their best for the beloved country of Malaysia.

Overwhelmed by the struggles of athletes2

Tears flowed as she watched the pain

Sebak looked at him in pain

Get well soon

However, through Instagram, Astro Arena had the opportunity to share the latest condition of Al Jufferi who has already received treatment. Each of them prayed that the country’s wrestlers would be given good health and recover quickly for the next level.

Earlier, another national wrestler, Ahmad Atif Irshad, was also injured after a Filipino wrestler, Mark James Lacao, fired a punch to Ahmad Atif’s face so that he could not continue the fight.

Victory was awarded to the national wrestler whose participation was disqualified from the Filipino wrestler.

@astroarena Filipino athlete accidentally got angry by making an “illegal jab” on Ahmad Atif Irshad. At the same time, give full points for the national athletes to advance to the semi -finals. #seagames2021 #sukansea2021 #semarakjuara #sokongmalaysia ♬ original sound – Astro Arena

Source: TikTok kismiskur_kur, Instagram Astro Arena

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