Rangga and Namima’s Eternal Student Love

Terjerat Narrated in a novel published in May 2021, Rangga, a 27-year-old student who is now in his 13th semester, has not yet finished his thesis, meets with lecturer Naima.

Naima, a young, bright 30-year-old lecturer, becomes an icon of the pride of her college academics, although beautiful but cold-hearted because of the trauma of a failed love relationship.

Rangga and Naima met in the thesis guidance assignment, because all the lecturers gave up taking care of Rangga’s road thesis on the spot alias lazy.

Rangga, who is usually known as a male student, whose fate was to drop out because he exceeded the quota for 13 semesters.

Even though he looks lazy, Rangga has a beautiful girlfriend and he is very caring and affectionate, but betrays his friends.

The peak of Rangga’s problems was when his parents in the village were impatient with his attitude of never graduating from college. To cut tuition fees and monthly rations.

Rangga racked his brains to stay alive and pay for his lectures and scripts, he became an online motorcycle taxi driver, enough to eat and school fees.

The father was angry, if Rangga in semester 13 did not pass the big anger he would accept and did not hesitate to beat him.

On the other hand, Naima is under pressure from her family who are urging her to marry quickly since she is 30 years old. She was called by the press as a spinster.

Naima, who is given an age limit of 30 years, must have a husband-to-be who must be introduced to her parents, otherwise she will be arranged with the parents of a widower and a rich child.

In the end, Naima was accepted as Rangga’s thesis supervisor, their story starts from here.

The two of them quickly agreed to achieve their respective goals, Rangga hoped for Naima’s help as a lecturer to pass his thesis and graduate soon.

The same goes for Naima, asking Rangga to pretend to be her lover as a potential husband so as not to be called a spinster.

The two make a deal, Rangga is introduced to Naima’s parents as her lover and future husband.

Unexpectedly their plans spiraled out of control. Naima’s parents ask for marriage as soon as possible. After Rangga was introduced.

Rangga is shocked and stressed because he has to be Naima’s husband. Same thing, Naima was more surprised, its impossible for her to marry a student especially lazy like Rangga.

But what can be done, rather than marry Widower. Naima asked Rangga to be her husband with a contract duration of only six months.

The duration was enough to help Rangga complete his thesis and graduate until graduation, after which they divorced and were free.

Rangga is confused but agrees that in the next 6 months they will divorce and return to their respective worlds.

The most important thesis and graduation are smooth and can face his father in the village when he graduates.

The wedding took place in a flash and was secretly attended by only the two families, with no real facts known to their parents.

Day after day, Naima helps Rangga in completing his thesis, the same thing for Rangga always according to what Naima says and living together without marriage ties.

Naima gave her apartment for Rangga to live in and finish her thesis, and looks like husband and wife living in a chair.

As time passed one by one conflict occurred and both of them woke up. What will the next story be like with them?

Day by day until approaching the six months of the agreement they planned many conflicts and events they experienced.

What is the end of Rangga and Naima’s romance, will they stay together or divorce after the thesis is finished.

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