R Download iOS Siri Shortcuts (Tiktok & Instagram Reel Downloader) New

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As we know, an iOS-based cell phone is one of the phones that has a pretty fantastic price, where the phone comes with very good security.

Of course, friend, because this is what causes iOS-based phones to have difficulty downloading media or installing applications outside the official App Store platform.

However, for those of you iOS users today, you don’t need to worry because now you can solve this by using the R Download Siri Shortcut iOS application.

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Recently, social media has been enlivened by the presence of a new application, namely R Download, which is a must-have for iOS users.

R Download iOS Siri Shortcuts (Tiktok & Instagram Reel Downloader) New

Where this application is one of the “shortcut” applications in downloading various kinds of media on various social media, call it like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or other websites.

So don’t be surprised, friend, the reason why this application is quite popular and much sought after among iOS users is because it has so many uses in it.

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By using shortcuts, users are able to download various content in other formats, one of which is photos from various websites that create popular content.

Are you interested and want to get R Download Siri Shortcut?, then you can get it by clicking the link here

The method is fairly easy to get a Shortcut, you just need to click Set Up Shortcut and Skip Set Up.

However, for those of you who already have a previous shortcut, you only need to update it by clicking Replace.

You need to know one thing, that currently the shortcut has the latest version that has been supported by iOS 13 and 14.

How to Use R Download Siri Shortcut iOS

  • If you have got the Shortcut, you only need to enter the application or website from which you want to download the content.
  • Then click the three-dot icon on the reel.
  • Continue by clicking Share to and selecting R download.
  • Then select the Allow button to grant access permission to the Shortcut.
  • And done.


Enough up here what we can say about R Download, keep waiting for the latest information and thank you.

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