Quran App

Being able to read the Koran anywhere and anytime is not a difficult thing to do today.

With the development of technology, there are many Quran applications that will help meet your needs.

Starting with a translation, there is a murottal, to applications that are equipped with interpretations.

Some Recommended Quran Applications for Choice

Not only for Android, there is also a PC Quran application. Each type of Quran application has characteristics, advantages and disadvantages according to what the developer offers.

Then, what are the best Quran applications that can be used as a reference for Android? Check out the reviews below.

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Quran Pro

The first application that is widely used as a reference by the Muslim community is Quran Pro.

Not just an application to read the Koran, with one of these audio Quran applications you can listen to murottal by various qori’ who have been worldwide.

Of course, supported by the chanting of their beautiful verses. In addition, the application also provides an offline reading feature of the Koran.

With this you don’t have to worry when you’re not connected to the internet.

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Al-Qur’an Indonesia

indonesian quran app

As the name implies, this android quran application is very easy to use and is available in Indonesian verse translation.

The appearance is indeed very simple, with a turquoise green background. Even though it’s as simple as that, make no mistake because the application contains the complete Koran.

The translations you get can also be arranged word by word. There are many supporting features that make it easier for Muslims to carry out their daily worship such as Qibla direction and prayer times reminders.

The developer himself is an Indonesian youth from South Tangerang.

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Qur’an For Android

quran for android

Want to use an application for the Quran which is quite complete? Don’t worry because Quran For Android can be your answer.

Basically, this application has a simple interface. But the dark and light features make this application quite interesting.

Coupled with a night mode that will make the eyes comfortable when reading the Koran.

What’s more interesting, this quran application has a complete choice of languages.

There are at least 20 languages ​​available that you can refer to as translation options, including Indonesian.

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  • Rating: 4.8
  • Size: Different for each device
  • Download: Playstore



quran application my quran

This best quran application is one of the applications that was successfully developed by the sons of Indonesia.

So far the application has been downloaded by thousands of users. This can not be separated from the nature of the application which is so easy to use.

In addition, the available features are so complete that you can easily adjust the habit of reading the Koran.

The application allows users to give a sign after reading the Koran so that when they want to continue it just follow the signs that have been installed.

It still doesn’t stop there, this one application also provides complete facilities with the presence of Asmaul Husna and a collection of prayers.

You can also choose how it looks, if you prefer a page view like in the original Koran, you can set it yourself.

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  • Rating: 4.8
  • Size: Different for each device
  • Download: Playstore


Muslim Pro

muslim pro for android

Actually this application is not a pure Quran application. It’s just that it provides one of the features of reading the Koran.

It can be said for those who are Muslim, this application is very complete. Starting from the schedule of prayer times, fasting, adhan, to a compass for Qibla directions.

Using this application will greatly facilitate you in performing a variety of worship.

The developer is from Singapore and is currently used by more than 50 million users. Even to read the Koran the application is very easy to use.

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  • Rating: 4.7
  • Size: Different for each device
  • Download: Playstore


Alquran (Free)

The Quran is free

The name of the next application that is no less recommended is the Koran (free). This quran application is one of the best choices that can be downloaded for free.

If you are a lover of simple and simple designs, then this application can be a reference.

Reading the Koran with this application offers high convenience with a choice of reading styles as desired.

If you want to share Quranic verses from this application to the facebook application, that feature is also desirable. However, the translation feature is available in English.

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Al Quran Al-Hadi

Alquran al hadi

This one application is no less interesting than the list of other applications, it is even classified as one of the most complete applications.

Not only does it provide facilities for reading the Koran, this feature also provides a special study of the Koran that you can explore.

The study is displayed in accordance with the verse being read. One of the advantages is that this quran translation application organizes its study with a neat and tidy structure.

In addition, you can also search for study themes as you wish. Usually the application only provides a search feature by letter or more specifically based on keywords.

Moreover, the application provides the possibility of searching by theme. This feature allows you to find thematic verses more easily.

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Al Quran Bahasa Indonesia MP3

quran mp3 indonesian

A very interesting quran application is here where you can read and listen to the Koran.

This one option can be a reference for you, of course with a very easy offer.

Starting from the feature of reading the Koran and several other supporting features.

Not just being able to read the Koran, here are also available translations that will help understand the meaning of each verse that is read.

In addition, you can use the font style selection feature to choose a font according to your taste.

Regarding the color of the Arabic, Indonesian and background fonts, they can be changed easily.

This makes it even more popular. You can get this app just by downloading it on play store.

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Al Quran (Tafsir & By Word)

Quran and Tafseer

This one word-by-word translation of the Quran android application is in great demand, especially for those who are studying the knowledge of the Koran.

Its role is very useful for those who study the grammar of the Qur’an. This makes it easier for someone at this time to learn the mufrodat of each verse.

There are lots of features provided. In addition to word-of-mouth translations, there are also full translations in both English and Indonesian.

If you want to listen to the murottal of the Koran, then this application is very suitable as a reference.

The application also makes it easier for you to read with the correct reading. This is supported by the existence of a colorful recitation guide which makes it even more recommended.

The offline quran application also offers a search feature based on keywords. If you’re looking for a particular verse and don’t know what verse the verse is in, this feature will be very helpful.

For those who want to write notes on each verse in this application, you can also use the available features.

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Those are some lists of quran applications that can be your reference. The application can be used anywhere and anytime.

Choose an application that suits your needs and tastes. Make sure to choose an application with complete features so that you are not confused if you need certain features.

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