Qaiser Khan Nizami Biography, Age, Wife, Family, & Drama List

Kaiser Khan Nizami is a well known name in the Pakistani entertainment industry. He has acted in many dramas and gained a large number of followers. Throughout this blog post, we will be examining his biography, age, wife, family, and list of dramas he has appeared in.

Qaisar Khan Nizami Personal Biography:

Qaiser Khan Nizhamani is a prominent Pakistani actor, producer and director. He has starred in several dramas and has become a household name. Married to Pakistani actress Fadela Qazi. The couple has two children together.

The actor was born on the 9th of August 1965, in Sindh, Karachi, Pakistan. The versatile actor, Qaisar Khan Nizmani, has won many awards for his performances in television and film. He completed his studies in Karachi and then graduated from there as well.

In order to understand how wonderful a man he is, let’s take a closer look at his biography.

real name: Qaisar Khan Nizami
profession: the actor
Age in 2022: 57 years
date of Birth: August 9, 1965
religion: Islam
Marital status: married
hometown: Karachi
nationality: Pakistani
Dealing with social media: Instagram

Kaiser Khan Nizmani Age:

He was born on August 9, 1965 in Karachi, Pakistan. In terms of age, Nizami is 57 years old.


Qaisar Khan Nizhamani lives in Karachi with his wife and two children. There is no daughter in the family. In 1998, he married Fadela Qazi, an actress who also works in the industry. The actor has two children named Ahmed and Zoreen. The boys are passionate about acting as well as studying law.

Qaisar Khan Nizmani with his wife Fadela Qazi
The picture shows him with his children and wife

Drama List:

He starred in several television dramas. His acting skills continue to impress us, and we look forward to seeing him more in the TV industry. Below is a list of all the dramas in which he appeared.

  • Bibana
  • quietly
  • Min Issei Kyun Hoon
  • Wafa Be Mol
  • Abata
  • Yoon to Hai Pierre Bahut
  • Jaltay Khawab
  • that’s it
  • God’s friend or human being
  • sun yara
  • Mira Kia Palaces Tha
  • second
  • Sasman’s Challenge
  • Kaisi Khushi Le Ke Aya Chand
  • sangdale
  • Ishq Mein Aisa Bhi Haal Hona Ha
  • SAT pardon me
  • Zeenat Bint-e-Sakina Hazir Ho
  • I’m going to lie down

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