“Put on the purdah straight to Bilal..” Netizens started trashing Lofa – News Tel

Baby Bilal is now 6 months old, the son of Neelofa and her husband Pu Riz.

In conjunction with baby Bilal turning 6 months old, Neelofa uploaded her latest photo in the car.

But as usual, the baby Bilal’s face still hasn’t been shown yet. Only half of his face is shown to the public.

From the entry, Neelofa said that the pillow placed on Bilal’s face was her eldest son’s favorite rotten pillow.

However, it seems that this time netizens can’t stand Neelofa’s actions.

It is clear to netizens, Neelofa does not want to show her child’s face but still often uploads pictures of her children, for netizens, if you don’t want to post, it’s better not to upload Bilal’s photo.

There is a netizen named Meksa wrote: “Well, there’s no need to post directly, if you want to hide your face like this, what’s the point.”

Neelofa read the comment and responded: “Let me post whatever I want, later when the time comes I’ll show you his face.”

However, there are also other comments that are seen as quite harsh from netizens, generally rubbishing the issue of not wanting to post baby Bilal’s face.

Among the comments thrown was labeling Neelofa as someone who is hungry for attention.

Read this scathing comment from a netizen.

The comments thrown at Neelofa are a bit exaggerated, but maybe because they are not among Neelofa’s fans.

Until now, Neelofa and her husband, Pu Riz, gave reasons to worry about the issue of ain affecting their child if the full face of baby Bilal was shown.

It is clear to Neelofa and her husband that the time will come when she will also show baby Bilal’s face, so to all those who are impatient, just wait.

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