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Pudding.Cool Spotify Viral and How to Make It

Spotify is a video streaming application that is already quite popular and has been used by various groups of people.

By using this application, we can also find a very complete playlist of songs.

Starting from classical music to the latest music output, it is already available in this one application. We can also access Spotify using various devices.

In addition to providing a platform to listen to a song, Spotify also often brings up the latest trends.

One of them is a news that is trending and also viral until many are looking for it, namely Pudding.Cool.

Of course we are curious about this news. So just watch the discussion until the end so you don’t miss the news below.

What is Spotify’s Pudding.Cool?

There are still many Spotify users who don’t know what Pudding.Cool means?

Pudding.Cool is an AI service provider site that can also read our Spotify account.

Have you ever had your Spotify Playlist get an assessment from a Robot? If not then this one site can make it happen.

Where we will get comments or playlists of songs that we often hear. So this site from Pudding.Cool,

Will provide an artificial intelligence feature or AI robot that will provide comments related to our Spotify account.

Not only can they give comments, but we will get negative comments that we can say satirically.

Of course, this one feature is quite unique, because usually people make trends like this to look better and cooler on social media.

But instead today we will get about the results of how bad the music we listen to through Spotify is.

You must be curious to try it yourself, right? For that, check how to use the following Pudding.Cool site.

Link Spotify

For those of you who want to follow the trend of negative comments from Spotify accounts, it’s very easy for us to do this through the cellphones that we use.

As for the way, we just need to go to the official site using the Browser Application and then enter the Spotify account in it.

For the Spotify account information that we use, we will be able to record any song that has been included in the playlist.

In addition, Spotify is also able to read the habit of playing songs and also provide recommendations that suit us.

For that, by entering a spotify account, the site will directly read the Spotify history that we use.

So to access this AI-tech judgment site, we can directly access it by using the link Click here.

The site is equipped with AI technology or artificial intelligence that can immediately provide an answer when using it.

If we are still confused about how to make our own Pudding results, we can immediately listen to the discussion below.

How to Use Pudding.Cool Spotify

To use this site, it’s very easy to run, but before that, of course, don’t miss out on setting up an active Spotify account for us to enter on the site.

For that, so that it doesn’t take too long, let’s just look at how to use Pudding.Cool below:

  1. First of all, please open the Browser Application and go to the https://Pudding.Cool/ site.
  2. After logging in, we can directly type Find Out to get started.
  3. Next there is an option in which we can check the playlist from the Spotify or Apple Music account and select Spotify.
  4. Enter the Spotify account that we have, we can log in using the cellphone number.
  5. Wait for a while the AI ​​will scan directly from your Spotify account.
  6. That way the scan results will go straight in and will appear on our screen.

Of course, some of the ways above that we have explained are very easy, to follow this one trend, don’t forget to take screenshots on the display of the results.

Then after we get the results, don’t miss it to share it on social media like other Spotify users.

That was the explanation about Spotify which is currently trending and also how to follow the trend that is viral on the internet or other social media.


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