PUBGM Indonesia National Team Wins 2022 Sea Games Gold Medal

The Indonesian PUBGM National Team Gained Gold Medal for the 2022 Sea Games, the struggle of Luxxy and colleagues again made positive results. Previously, there was already an Alan who managed to donate a silver medal in solo mode after going through a fairly dramatic process.

This time it was the turn of the Indonesian 1 and Indonesia 2 national teams to show their fangs in the team mode event. After successfully passing the knockout phase, of the 17 teams competing, there will be one team that must first lift their suitcases from Vietnam.

The two Indonesian national teams made it into the grand final round, especially since the 2nd national team was the leader of the standings in the knockout phase. The grand final itself is run for fifteen matches over 3 match days.

PUBGM Indonesia National Team Gain Gold Medal for 2022 Sea Games, Luxxy Becomes Indonesia’s Rescue Actor

Starting the first day, the Indonesian national team one appeared very convincing after successfully collecting quite a lot of elimination points. However, unfortunately Redface et al are still not able to secure the opening wwcd for Indonesia.

The slick performance of the second national team failed to repeat on the first day of the grand final. Ryzen et al appeared sluggish throughout the first day of the grand final round. As a result, the Indonesian national team was only able to finish in ninth and twelfth positions on the first day of the team mode round.

pubgm team mode day one standings

The Indonesian national team, which appeared less biting on the first day, has slowly corrected its mistakes. They performed quite optimally during the second day. After a long wait, finally Redface et al succeeded in presenting the first wwcd for Indonesia.

Playing pragmatically and objectively is the key to the game of the second Indonesian national team. With this positive result, the red and white troops finished in 4th and 5th positions on the standings on the second day of the grand final round.

pubgm team mode day two standings
pubgm team mode day two standings

In order to pursue the hope of getting a gold medal, both the Indonesian national team one and the Indonesian national team two are required to play all out on the last day of the grand final round. They must be able to catch up with Vietnam’s points as the top standings.

The Indonesian national team appeared immediately step on the gas on the day of determination, in the first game the Indonesian national team appeared quite slick. However, the goddess of fortune has not sided with Indonesia, they could only finish in 2nd and 4th positions, while wwcd managed to become the property of the Philippines 1 national team.

Consistent play continues to be shown by Indonesian children, until the fourth game, the second position of the Indonesian national team is still leading the standings. The fifth game also became the venue for determining the gold medal.

The fifth game became so dramatic after several players from the second Indonesian national team were swept away by other teams. Luxxy managed to become a hero, after successfully clutching the Vietnam national team push.

Clutch from Luxxy is so meaningful, after the Vietnam national team fell first. Luxxy who became the last player managed to finish in third position. By securing the third position, the Indonesian national team managed to fly the red and white flag in Vietnam.

Luxxy Clutch Moment Brings Gold Medal for Indonesia

With this gold medal, the medals from Indonesian esports athletes are complete. Previously, the Free Fire national team had successfully contributed gold and silver medals. Then there is a silver medal from the MLBB national team, and finally a gold and silver medal from the PUBGM national team.

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