PUBG x BoboiBoy Collaboration, This is Confirmation Info from PUBG! – PUBG x BoboiBoy Collaboration – Currently, many people are discussing about the collaboration of the PUBG mobile game with one of the famous anime, Boboiboy. Hearing this news, made PUBG mobile gamers and Boboiboy anime lovers very happy.

As is well known, it is not new anymore that PUBG is always trying to present a variety of interesting content for its players. Thus, there are many collaborations with several other parties to promote and pamper people who use it.

Well, some collaborations that have been done by PUBG before such as PUBG x Godzilla vs Kong, PUBG x Blackpink, PUBG x Resident Evil 2, to many others. And this collaboration is between PUBG x Boboiboy and until now, gamers are still waiting for it, including gamers in Indonesia itself.

So, does it really exist and when? PUBG collaboration with BoboiBoy will it be presented? To find out more information about it, now you can see the discussion this time that Mimin will share.

About PUBG x BoboiBoy Collaboration Event

PUBG x BoboiBoy Collaboration is the latest collab event from PUBG together with Boboiboy. This news makes many game lovers very curious. However, are you also one of those who are curious?

It is known from several sources that PUBG itself has officially confirmed this that it will collaborate with BoboiBoy. Well, one of them including the official PUBG Malaysia Youtube Channel has released a teaser for PUBG x BoboiBoy.

For those of you who don’t know, that the BoboiBoy anime is one of the famous cartoon films from Malaysia and this cartoon has been aired on one of Indonesia’s private television stations.

So, don’t be surprised if the people of Indonesia are looking forward to it PUBG x BoboiBoy collaboration. In addition, this anime tells the story of children who get the power of alien technology, so they can become heroes or superheroes.

Then also they all unite to fight aliens who have been addicted to cocoa beans or chocolate beans.

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PUBG x BoboiBoy Collab Event Release Date Leaked

For those of you who are loyal PUBG Mobile players, of course, you are very curious and looking forward to what it’s like PUBG x BoboiBoy collaboration not this one? However, so far there is still no further information about the PUBG x BoboiBoy collab.

From the krafon side, they said that the collab event this time will be made as attractive as possible compared to events that have existed before.

Meanwhile, PUBG itself will definitely present a skin with a BoboiBoy theme. So that this latest skin, from now on, will always be highly anticipated by the players, especially for those who are players who are also lovers of the BoboiBoy cartoon series.

Of course there are so many PUBG players who can’t wait for this event to take place soon. So, if you are one of them, you should be patient first. The reason is, the news circulating until now says that the PUBG and BoboiBoy collab event will be present in October 2022.

So, if it’s really been released, then automatically they para gamers PUBG will be able to enjoy this newest skin and item which PUBG can already provide. Therefore, while waiting for this event to be released in October, although the exact date is still unknown, now you can play this PUBG Mobile game with your squat team.

At the same time, to collect various interesting items that you will be able to exchange for later collab event between PUBG and BoboiBoy.

Well, maybe that’s enough for the brief information above that Mimin can share on this occasion regarding PUBG x BoboiBoy Collaboration, This is Confirmation Info from PUBG!. Hopefully with the information above that Mimin has made this can be useful and add insight for all of you.

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