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PUBG Mobile Korea (KR) Pro Mod Unlimited Gratis + Versi Terbaru 2022

PUBG Mobile Korea (KR) – Good Afternoon guys, I’m back again this time I want to give information about PUBG Mobile Korea (KR), let’s just have a look at what’s in it.

At this time Player Unknow BattleGround Mobile or commonly known as PUBG Mobile has become one of the most famous games and is played by many people.

And at this very moment, it turns out that there is a unique version that is always available, namely PUBG Mobile Korea (KR). For this reason, PUBG Mobile has succeeded in attracting the attention of gamers from various countries.

For such a huge community of players across many countries this is very unique. In fact, there are certain countries that have an exclusive version of PUBG Mobile.

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PUBG History From Various Countries

Actually one of the countries that has an exclusive PUBG Mobile version is called PUBG Mobile India.

Why is that? This is because of the emergence of a problem between India and China.

Actually PUBG Mobile, which is the output of Tencent Games China, was finally blocked.

Thus, the Krafton, Inc. finally released an exclusive version of PUBG Mobile for the country of India. This version is known as BGMI or Battleground Mobile India.

And this version is actually almost similar to the global version. However, there are differences in the content and features of the BGMI game.

India is not the only country with an exclusive version of PUBG Mobile. And another country that has an exclusive version of PUBG Mobile is Korea. This version is complete with Korean.

About PUBG Mobile Korea (KR)

Not the same as the global version of PUBG Mobile which is currently available for various countries, one of which is Indonesia.

Actually this version of PUBG Mobile Korea (KR) has a special target user, namely Japan and Korea only. For this exclusive version, it is a version made by Blue Hole.

Actually Blue Hole is a developer or application developer who has developed the Steam version of PUBG Mobile.

If you look around, this Korean developer has also created and issued a special version of PUBG Mobile for players who are in Korea.

However, everyone can get this Korean version and play it on any Android device that you own. However, the process that people go through to get the Korean version is not easy.

Difference Between PUBG Mobile Global and Korean Version

Differences in PUBG Mobile Korea

Well, before you rush to download the Korean version, then everyone should be able to understand the difference between PUBG Mobile Global and the Korean version, which is specially made for PUBG Mobile players in Korea.

If all of you are confused about this, then please listen to the explanation that I have summarized below as follows:

1. Delivers a high percentage of gameplay

The first difference between the Global version of PUBG Mobile and the Korean version is the Korean version which has a very large percentage of gameplay.

With this very large percentage, it will be very suitable for those who intend to get premium gacha very easily.

2. Offers many events

Well, one other difference that makes PUBG Mobile players curious about the Korean version is the information that PUBG Mobile Korea (KR) will present a large number of events compared to the Global version of PUBG Mobile.

That way, it will certainly attract the interest of the Global version of the players. And the event is an important moment that PUBG Mobile players rarely miss.

Each event also provides many prizes that are often eagerly awaited by players. With so many events, it means that there will be many prizes to be won.

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3. There are special coins

Actually, the Korean version of PUBG Mobile seems to have been equipped with a special coin called Donkatsu.

And for these coins can be used by the players who will open the crate. The global version of PUBG Mobile does not have this kind of special coin. So with this difference that makes PUBG Mobile players curious.

4. It’s easier to push rank

Actually, the Korean version of PUBG Mobile provides a lot of convenience for the players to increase their rank. With this convenience, it is rare to find in other versions of PUBG Mobile.

Everyone needs to know, this Korean version of PUBG Mobile can provide push rank very easily because this version is not too competitive.

When compared to various other versions of PUBG Mobile in the Southeast Asia region, the Korean version of PUBG Mobile players don’t need to be competitive.

Not only that, you can also rank up much more easily and quickly by using this Korean version.

5. Smoother display

With several PUBG Mobile players who have tasted the Korean version of PUBG Mobile, they have said that the Korean version can be considered smoother than the Global version.

With this difference that must be considered, because it can affect the smoothness of the game. For anyone who will play the game will definitely be very smooth.

After you will understand the differences between the two versions of PUBG Mobile, you will definitely be more interested in always trying to play this Korean version.

Download PUBG Mobile Korea (KR)

Download PUBG Mobile Korea

As discussed above, the Korean version of the PUBG Mobile application is actually available in APK form that you will never find in the Play Store.

Why is that? this is because the apk file comes from another developer and not the official PUBG Mobile developer in the Play Store.

For those who want to install the Korean version of the PUBG Mobile application, a special link is needed because this file is only available on the Internet, not on the Play Store.

If everyone wants to download this application, then please pay attention to the specifications contained in it, as follows:

App Name PUBG Mobile Korea (KR)
App Size 737, 82 MB
App Version Version 1.8.0 (Latest)
Application Developer PUBG Coorporation
Operating system Android only
Last Updated January 13, 2022
App Price Free

If you want to download the PUBG Mobile Korea (KR) application, then please click on the download link that I have prepared as follows: HERE.

Actually, this file can be easily downloaded on mobile devices that have the Android operating system.

On other devices, such as Windows Phone and IPhone that cannot be used to run any application in the form of an Apk.

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The final word

That’s my explanation about PUBG Mobile Korea (KR), hopefully with this article everyone can easily understand it and also be useful. That is all and thank you.


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