PSK often hang out on the riverbank, West Jakarta city government will establish an integrated command center

JAKARTA, BERITASEBELAS.COM – The West Jakarta City Government is planning to build an integrated site on the outskirts of El Amin River, Dan Mogot, West Jakarta. This was done because the site is often used as a base for commercial sex workers (PSK).

“We will coordinate with Kamat, we will establish an integrated center there, there is FKDM, there is Satpol PP,” said the head of the National Agency for National Unity and the Political Agency of West Jakarta City Government (Kispangpol), Matsani, upon confirmation. 7/28/2022).

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“That’s what we’re doing right now,” Matsani said. See also: Masia Johan has a hobby of playing basketball, and she has participated in 2 clubs Editor: Reda Fajri

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