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PKR party elections have started to cause problems involving branch elections in the north.

The physical voting process for the Kedah Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) election in the Padang Serai Branch had to be postponed.

The coordinator of the state Party Selection Committee (JPP), Datuk Rashid Din, said the postponement was done after receiving objections due to dissatisfaction as well as technical problems.

According to him, the election which started at 9 am had to be postponed until 12 noon only.

“We are discussing with the leadership when is the appropriate date to hold the Padang Serai Branch election again, it is expected to be held next week,” he said when contacted after the election session was physically completed at 5pm today.

According to him, one of the technical problems that disrupted the smooth running of voting was due to the disrupted online data.

“The election this time was not marred by physical fights, there were only verbal wars in some places due to many reasons, among them, dissatisfaction with the position of the tents of the candidates who contested,” he said.

Rashid informed that the election in all 14 other branches involving Sungai Petani, Kulim Bandar Baharu, Merbok, Sik, Jerai, Baling, Kubang Pasu, Alor Setar, Langkawi, Padang Terap, Kuala Kedah, Pokok Sena, Pendang and Jerlun went smoothly.

“Only one branch, Padang Serai, will be rescheduled,” he said.

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