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After performing umrah and Eid in the Holy City of Mecca, the famous actress, Princess Sarah Liyana and her children flew to Turkey for a holiday.

Princess Sarah is also not shy about sharing moments of togetherness with her children, namely Syaikhul Islam and Sumayyah in the social media even without the presence of her husband, Syamsul Yusof.

I want my children to study abroad

His trip to Turkey was also helped by some Malaysian students there and they also treated the actor and the children well.

Due to his interest in the country, the actor of the drama Sabarlah Duhai Hati has shared his hope that he wants to see his beloved children study abroad.

The wish was expressed by him through a post on Insta Story when he had the opportunity to ‘interview’ several Malaysian students in Turkey regarding the preparation to study abroad.

“From now on, keep the dream of Shaykh studying in Turkey. Sumayyah became a doctor studying near Egypt.

So, from now on we have to apply Arabic for them. Came to Turkey while interviewing students near here to take what subject, all preparations, right from now on, “he wrote.

“Don’t bother & malvkan mama”

In the meantime, he also left a message for his children, namely Syaikhul and Sumayyah, to be children who do not bother or harass their parents when they grow up.

So, as a parent, he does his best to provide a perfect education and arrange from now on all the good things so that when he grows up he will be a useful child.

“Don’t bother mama ayah and don’t tarnish mama’s good name ok Syaikhul Sumayyah.

Make me proud with study hard and become somebody later Insha Allah.
As a parent, we try to educate and arrange all the best for the little ones, we don’t want to grow up long so it’s useless for us to get married. ” he said again.

Earlier, Puteri Sarah’s name was in the media spotlight following her revelation about the third person in the household with the famous director, Syamsul Yusof.

Dai also ‘quoted’ the name of a social media celebrity who was alleged to be a harasser, causing him to take legal action and seek the services of two lawyers to bring the matter to court.

WHILE facing a prolonged marital crisis, the actress Puteri Sarah was grateful when she was invited to be a guest of Allah to perform umrah and celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri in the Holy Land of Makkah.

Sarah or real name Puteri Sarah Liyana Megat Kamaruddin said, this opportunity will be used in begging to be given a way out of all the problems she is going through.

“I have been collecting money for a long time and plan to go on umrah after the end of the Movement Control Order (PKP). Gratitude is given sustenance and the opportunity to go there again.

Princess Sarah will cash the umrah.

Princess Sarah wants to cash umrah in a calm state.

“This time I want to pray to be given a way out of all problems and clues for solutions,” he said when contacted by Mstar.

My heart is so relieved right now to let go of the burden for four years

The story of Sarah and her husband, Syamsul Yusof’s household, returned to attention recently when she revealed that her household was disturbed by a third person, Ira Kazar.

For four years memend4m taste, Sarah said she is now calmer after making the expression.

“My heart is very relieved now because I have let go of the burden for four years.

“I want to go on umrah calmly and focus on worship. I also hope to be surrounded by positive people, “he said.

Sarah will be in the Holy Land for 16 days with the family before continuing the holiday to Istanbul, Turkey.

“I’ve been working hard all this time and I’m busy with filming.

“So it doesn’t feel wrong if you want to go on holiday with your family for a while. My second child was also born during PKP and never went on holiday, ”he explained.

Source: Instagram Princess Sarah Liyana, OMM

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