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Prime Minister Narendra Modi ushered in the “5G era” in the country.

  • — Our government is working on the Internet for all targets: Prime Minister
  • — Today’s technology is completely democratized
  • — Tuji ki niyat and 5-ji ki niyat mein yahi fark hai
  • — The state will lead this technology in the future

New Delhi: Now Navratri is going on, it is Shakti Upasana festival, and with it the greatest Shakti of 21st century i.e. 5-G starts today to take the country to new heights as Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today while starting the 5 G Era in the country . .

When inaugurating the service, he said that the 5th was the start of a sky of endless opportunities. Calling it a special day for India’s growing power in the 21st century, he added that October 1, 2022 will go down in history.

Village school children also participate with us in this glorious moment, workers, the poor are also involved. In 2012 he campaigned through holograms, today it is available in every home, Prime Minister said that in the villages of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Odisha, children who are far away learn new things through technology through 5G. This is a thrilling experience.

He said 5-G is another message from India’s efforts, namely Naya Bharat. He hopes India will not only become a consumer of technology but also play a leading role in its development and implementation.

The Prime Minister expressed hope that India will play a role in designing future wireless technologies. India depends on other countries for TG, 3G, 4G. But India is leading the way in 5G technology. Now India is setting global standards.

He said that 5G has brought great opportunities to India’s youth today, he added that our country is moving forward with this and moving in line with the world. It’s a huge success Digital India. Digital India is a big vision for the development of the country. Bringing technology to people, working for people and working with people.

While thinking about this vision related to the mobile sector, I say that our thinking must be holistic and not piecemeal. In this context, he invites mobile companies to connect the country’s MSME sector.

We focus on four directions – device pricing, digital connectivity, data pricing, and digital-first concepts. The cost of the device will decrease only when we are independent. Many people made fun of me in the past. Until 2014 we used to import mobile phones. We are increasing the production of mobile phones. At that time there were two production units, eight years later the number is now more than 200. We have given incentives, incentives to the private sector to increase the production of mobile phones in India which has yielded positive results. The country has become the second largest manufacturer of mobile phones, today we export mobile phones, said the Prime Minister proudly. Starting from zero exports in 2014, today we have become an exporting country of mobile phones worth thousands of crores.

Second – Digital Connectivity. The real capability is connectivity. From 6 crore broadband users in 2014 to 80 crore users today is the result of our vision. Internet Connection In 2014, internet connection was 25 crore, today there is 85 crore internet connection and he also informed that the number of internet users in rural areas has increased more than the number of internet users in cities. In 2014 less than 100 panchayat today more than one lakh 70 thousand panchayat have internet.

Narendra Modi said that our government is working on the goal of internet for all, just as we have taken care of the services of all citizens, such as electricity at home, Har Ghar Jal, gas cylinders through Ujjwala Yojana, bank accounts through Jandhana account.

He said that at one time clerics, a handful of people from the elite class and beyond that even some MPs in Parliament were used to mock India’s Digital schemes. He suspects that the poor will not even understand the meaning of digital. But I have always believed in the understanding of the common man in this country, in his conscience, in his curiosity. Even the poorest people in India are willing to adopt new techniques.

In this context, the Prime Minister shared his past experience and said that, when I was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, I did not go to an area. It was a backward tribal area. No big plans possible. Once upon a time there was a cooling center which he opened for inauguration. The area was such that a meeting couldn’t even be held there, so the meeting was held in the school grounds which was four km away. When I inaugurated the chilling center, some of the sisters took photos with their cell phones… I asked what to do with the photos, they said we would download them. This download word that came out of his mouth showed his understanding.

The government is facilitated through the application of citizen centric services. The results can be seen today. Today’s technology has become truly democratized. This is why developed countries have problems during Corona, but India transfers money to citizens’ accounts with one click, our children study in online classes, doctors treat via telemedicine, offices are closed but work from home continues. Digital India has given everyone an opportunity, a market. This shows how powerful an idea can be if the facility is accessible. If the government works with the right intentions, the citizens’ intentions will not be reciprocated. In Twoji Ki Niyat and 5-G Ki Niyat Mein Yahi Fark Hai Tevo, he also quips about Twoji’s deception.

India is one of the few countries where data is so cheap. Today, one GB of data costs Rs 10, down from Rs 300. One uses 14 GB of data per month. In 2014, the price of 14 data was 4,200 per month, today the data is available for 125-150 rupees. So today an average of 4000 rupees is saved. I focus on increasing the comfort, ease of living of the people of the country.

India could not benefit from the first three industrial revolutions, but India will not only benefit but also lead the fourth industrial revolution, he stressed.

This is not a decade, but a century, as experts say, Narendrabhai said that we will see the implementation of the dream that we see for ourselves.

A few weeks ago, India became the fifth largest economy in the world. So this is an opportunity for our young generation to innovate 5-G technology that is grabbing the world’s attention, entrepreneurs can thrive. Today’s historic event will be a new inspiration for every Indian.

Prime Minister said about the exhibition being held on this occasion, I will ask all government departments to see the exhibition so that some technological solutions can be found from here for the convenience of citizens. He said, students are encouraged to come and see, understand, and develop.

The Prime Minister also asked telecom leaders to hold demonstrations in every district headquarters in the country to explain the use of 5G. Build life-changing 5-G technology, showcase its various aspects, he said. This technology should not be limited to communication only, video… must be extended to many things.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the country will lead this technology in the future.

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