Prices and Subscriptions for Cling K-Vision 2022 Packages

Have you ever heard of the name K-Vision? K Vision is one of the pay satellite television services in Indonesia. The broadcasting of the K-Vision channel is carried out by PT Digital Vision Nusantara under the auspices of the MNC Vision Network Group.

Because K-Vision is a paid channel, not everyone can watch the content on it. If you want to try subscribing to the K-Vision channel, check out the package prices and how to buy them below.

Cling Package Price on K-Vision Channel

The K-Vision channel has several package options that you can choose from. The following is a list of prices for Cling packages that you can choose from:

  • The CL01 package is priced at 9,900 rupiah. You can subscribe to the K-Vision channel for 1 month.
  • The CL02 package is priced at 50 thousand rupiah. You can subscribe to the K-Vision channel for 6 months.
  • The CL03 package is priced at 99 thousand rupiah. You can subscribe to the K-Vision channel for 12 months.

You can choose which channel package options you will buy. The price offered is also not too expensive, not more than 10 thousand rupiah per month. However, the price of this package can change according to the policy of K-Vision.

Choice of Shows on the K-Vision Channel

So that you are even more sure to buy a subscription to the K-Vision channel, then you need to know what shows are on the K-Vision channel. There are several choices of shows that you can watch, namely:

My Kids, Nat Geo Wild, MTV Live, MTV, My Cinema Asia Rocks Entertainment, Music TV, Vision Prime, My Family Channel, Muslim TV, Zee Bioskop Zoo Moo, Lifestyle Fashion, Kids TV, My Cinema, , Fight Sports, Rocks Extreme, OK TV, dan Nat Geo Channel.

Terms of Buying the Cling K-Vision Package

To be able to buy a K-Vision subscription package, you need to meet several conditions first. First, you must have a previous K-Vision subscription. The goal is that you already have a decoder at home.

To be able to subscribe to K-Vision, you can contact the K-Vision customer service. Please visit the official K-Vision website to get the customer service number.

Later, K-Vision will send a technician to your home for decoder installation and subscription package settings. After that, you can immediately buy a K-Vision subscription package without the help of a technician.

How to Purchase the Cling K-Vision Package

If you are interested in buying a K-Vision subscription to the Cling package, then it’s very easy. You need the application to be able to purchase the Cling K-Vision package.

Therefore, please install the application first. If so, here’s how to buy the Cling channel K-Vision package:

  1. Open the application. If you already have an account, please login. But if you don’t have an account, please register first.
  2. Curry menu TV Voucher.
  3. Select the K-Vision product you want to buy. Please select a subscription package or a Cling package.
  4. Enter your K-Vision subscriber number.
  5. Select the subscription plan you want to purchase.
  6. Enter the security code transaction pin.
  7. Click the buy button.

If the method above doesn’t work, then you need to check again whether you have fulfilled the requirements to purchase a subscription to the Cling K-Vision package.

That’s the explanation of the package prices on the K-Vision channel and how to buy them.

You can reconsider whether you will immediately subscribe to the K-Vision channel or not. You are guaranteed not to regret if you subscribe. Good luck.

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