Price Info Whipped Cream Powder at Indomaret and Alfamart – Price List & Tariff 2022

Whipped cream or whipping cream is one of the cake ingredients that is often needed as a topping for desserts and drinks, or even as a spread. The powder variant is in the form of flour, yellowish white like milk, and is quite popular with the public. This product is available in various brands at the nearest bakery and minimarket such as Indomaret and Alfamart starting at tens of thousands of rupiah.

Whipped cream (sumber: bukareview)

Jenis Whipped Cream

  • Liquid whipped cream. This whipped cream has more than 35% milk fat. It is usually called heavy cream and has a sweet taste. This whipped cream is vulnerable to hot air without AC, because it melts easily.
  • Non-dairy whipped cream liquid. Whipped cream has a shape that is almost the same as liquid whipped cream, it’s just that you need to pay attention to the words non-dairy (meaning it’s not made from real milk, just whey or leftovers from making cheese and a mixture of vegetable protein).
  • Whipping cream powder. This type is a non-dairy cream that is widely sold in supermarkets. In the form of flour, yellowish white like milk. Unlike liquid whipped cream, powdered whipping cream has a sweeter taste[1]

Of all the types that you can find, whipped cream powder is more suitable for cake decorating purposes because it is more sturdy and does not melt easily. Another advantage is that it is easy to store and lasts longer. To make whipped cream powder, you just need to mix it with a liquid in the form of water or milk in a ratio of 1:2. Here are some ways to process whipped cream powder so that it is ready to be used as a cake decoration material.

How to Process Whipped Cream Powder

  • Prepare whipped cream powder of various brands according to taste as much as 100 grams.
  • Add 200 ml of ice water or cold milk.
  • Beat on high speed for 6-7 minutes until fluffy and thick.

Whipped cream powder contains at least 35% fat. If whipped at high speed, the volume can expand up to two times, so it is sometimes called double cream. The small foam that is formed as a result of the shaking causes the texture to become light and fluffy.[2]

If there is over-whipped cream, you can fix it by mixing it with cream that has not been whipped at all. Then, the mixture is gently shaken again. After being whipped, the cream will be fluffy again and can be used as needed.

Illustration: processing whipped cream (source: kompas)
Illustration: processing whipped cream (source: kompas)

For those who want to buy whipped cream powder, you can find certain brands at Indomaret and Alfamart at competitive prices. Here’s the current price range.

Price Whipped Cream Powder

Varian Whipped Cream Bubuk Price
Whipped Cream Bubuk Whiipz repack 100 gr Rp13.500
Whipped Cream Bubuk Marizza Premix Repack 250 gr Rp27.000
Whipped Cream Bubuk Pondan 150 gr Rp29.600
Whipped Cream Bubuk Biobianca Repack 200 gr Rp33.270
Whipping Cream Powder Haan 200 gr Rp34.500
Whipped Cream Haan Wippy 400 gr (isi 200 gr x 2 sachet) Rp54.000
Whipped Cream Haan WhipTopp 600 gr Rp89.000
Whipped Cream Powder Pondan Kiloan Bulky 800 gr Rp157,000
Whipped Cream Bubuk Pondan 1 kg Rp204.000

You need to know that the price of whipping cream powder above can change at any time without prior notice. In addition, the price of whipped cream powder that applies in each place can also vary, depending on the promo or offer from the seller. Apart from Alfamart and Indomaret, at Superindo there are also several brands of powdered and liquid whipped cream that you may need.

Whipped cream bubuk (sumber:
Whipped cream bubuk (sumber:

Whipped Cream Price in Superindo

Varian Whipped Cream Price
Pondan Whipped Cream Powder 150 gr Rp36.300
Haan Wippy Cream Pouch 200 gr Rp44.600
Anchor UHT Whipped Cream 250 ml Rp46.500
Greenfields Whipping Cream Cair 1.000 ml Rp102.900
Anchor Krim Culinary UHT 1 L Rp119,000

Keep in mind, the price of whipped cream above can of course vary, depending on the Superindo branch you visit. For more info, you can access the official website.

[1] Hoesni, Albertin. 2013. Cooking Skills Guide Series – Sweet Dessert. Jakarta: Gramedia Pustaka Utama, p. 5.

[2] Nimpuno, Diah. 2014. Success in Making Various Cakes. Jakarta: Gramedia Pustaka Utama, p. 17.

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