Powerful Techniques for Determining Comfortable Car Tires for Your Car – How to Successfully Online Business

Car tires are an important part of the vehicle, because the tires are in direct contact with the road. The tires themselves have a very complicated construction, although you can only see the simple shape of the tires from the outside. The tire itself has parts including carcass or casing, tread, sidewall, breaker, belt and bead. Each part has its own benefits, however, each of these components are interconnected and support each other.

Determining your own tires is not as easy as it seems, because you have to be careful and thorough. Besides just being careful, you also have to understand the codes listed so that you know the tires that are right for your car, many are confused when choosing car tires.

Below is a trick when you want to buy tires for your car.

1. Pay attention to the type of car tires

In reading this type of tire you need to pay attention to the first letter of the code listed, if the letter P means it indicates that the tire is designed for passenger cars. Then the letter LT, indicating that the tire is designed for a medium-weight truck. Then the letter ST, the tires are specifically for the type of trailer truck. The letter T, means the car tires are intended for car spares. The letter R, means the tire is a radial type tire.

2. Look at your car tire size

If you already know the type of tire, you must understand the size of the tire you choose. Usually this number is behind the letter of the tire type, where the number indicates the size of your car’s wheels. Make sure you choose the right size, because if it’s too small or too big it will make your car uncomfortable when driving.

3. Pay attention to the width of the car tire you will choose

The width of the tire is very influential in relation to traction and the acceleration it causes, the wider the tire, I guarantee the traction will be stronger and vice versa.

Of course, there are still many things you should pay attention to when choosing tires, such as the tread pattern, tire thickness, and also the speed code on the tires. If you have chosen the right tires for your car, then don’t forget to take care of them so that the tires last. Some of the things you need to do in car tire maintenance include tire pressure, rotation and tire spooring regularly. Also read other articles about automotive stories , technology , and health information .

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