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Austin “Post Malone” recently showed off his amazing skills at Apex Legends in a recent stream uploaded to his Twitch account. While the American singer isn’t a regular on Twitch, she does stream occasionally to connect with fans.

In a stream uploaded earlier today, the rapper jumped into Apex Legends with some streamers. He shows off his agile moves and incredible shooting ability in the game by making consecutive kills.

Post Malone is one of the few celebrity musicians to try streaming. Among them are Mike Shinoda, Justin Bieber, and Snoop Dog.

Post Malone is a very good skill in Apex Legends

Given that there is no prior information about his gaming skills, Post Malone is outstanding at the game. Primarily a musician, Malone is best known worldwide for delivering platinum musical hits. While this isn’t his first stream on Twitch, the 27-year-old has suddenly appeared online with fellow streamers Aceu and therealslump.

The three jump into the FPS battle royale game. Post Malone, who plays under the username Archduke Pierre Bubblebath, demonstrates his shooting skills in the game after making clutch gameplay, saving his teammates.

The rapper jumps into the 1:15:00 battle area into the river and immediately takes out one player with his AR. He then quickly eliminated another player before blowing some damage to a third opponent, which one of his teammates ended up finishing off.

After creating a gameplay clutch, the New York-born rapper continued with the exclamation:

Let’s go!…good** guys, good**!

Even his teammates were impressed, as one was already eliminated in the ensuing battle. The three ended up winning the entire match after he got the final kill.

Fans praise Post Malone’s skills

Most were naturally surprised by the high level of skill musicians had while streaming. The clip was shared on the popular r/LivestreamFail subreddit, where viewers left comments about the stunning gameplay. Here are some of the comments made under the Reddit post:

This user points out the real improvements Austin made:

This is the first of four charitable streams that the rapper wants to try. The next charity stream, called “Gaming For Love,” will take place on Malone’s Twitch on July 20, 22, and 24, with each stream starting at 6 p.m. PT and lasting for several hours.

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