Post-jiang police new link clip & post-jiang police clip Hello friends, wherever you are today. Well, now we have the latest information to share with all of you which is about Post-jiang police new link clip & post-jiang police clip.

Not long ago, this community was another hour with the blood of this post gang police video clip, until now the video has been sought after by many people.

The first post-jiang csgt clips appeared on internet platforms like Twitter and Telegram Tin.

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Because there are still many users from the internet who do not know the latest information that is spreading like a virus, so it is enough to see what we have summarized later.

Post-jiang police new link clip & post-jiang police clip

Post-jiang police new link clip & post-jiang police clip

After we traced the news that spread like a virus, namely New Link clips csgt after Giang & police clips after Giang recently appeared on social networks about two men driving, but wearing traffic police uniforms.

It was later discovered that one of them was sitting in a vehicle in a police uniform but was not wearing a seat belt when using a mobile phone.

Drivers are not only aware, they are saying inappropriate words.

After receiving this information, the police station police explained the film they made.

From the results of the initial verification, two traffic policemen were found in the video belonging to the Traffic Police team. Provincial Public Security Police Satlantas.

The video shows two traffic policemen driving to the headquarters to deal with him as they are driving without a licence.

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Csgt video clip after Giang & police clip after Giang

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