Porsche releases new software update for Taycan

For all-wheel-drive models, the front wheels are separatedallowing them to be electronically detached from the driveline, meaning no power is delivered to them during cruising in low throttle applications or coasting to a stop or downhill when Normal and Range driving modes are selected.

Even on rear-drive models only, the rear axle is electronically separated as it slides, all in an effort to reduce drivetrain drag and losses. Think of it like placing the transmission of your regular internal combustion engine car with a traditional transmission, as neutral.

Porsche’s internal tests show that on the all-wheel-drive model, they are able to increase the range by as much 50km at full load, according to Kevin Giek, vice president for the Taycan model line. This, along with other minor convenience related updates, requires a visit to a Porsche repair shop — all free.

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