“Politely he talked to mummy, the way he walks is like baba he is very ..” – Netizen

Videos And Pictures Of Jebat Jayden On Holiday In Singapore Gain Fans’ Attention. Amboi, Gaya Jebat Saling Tak Tump4h Like Babanya, Sharnaaz Ahmad. Part Jalan Tu Sebijik, Haha !!

Take a look at Jebat Jayden’s Instagram account, a few p0sting Jebat’s latest has grabbed the attention of netizens. All of them p0sting shared are photos and videos of Jebat who is on holiday in Singapore with his mother, Noor Nabila and his aunt, Atisha Khan.

Many interesting places visited by Jebat while there. Among them are the Singapore Zoo, the Ice Cream Museum and more. Looks like Jebat is having so much fun with his vacation this time.

Many videos featuring Jebat’s cute demeanor have been shared. Among the highlights was Jebat’s style of walking by putting both his hands in his pockets. Many state that Jebat’s style is not mutually exclusive like his father, Sharnaaz Ahmad.

Apart from that, Jebat also seems to be easy to get along with anyone. Jebat did not m4lu to rebuke anyone who was near him. Clearly, Jebat looked like a polite child when he saw his conversation with his mother.

Let’s see the partnership below:

(Click the RIGHT -> button to see the next picture and video.)

Let’s see the partnership below:

(Click the RIGHT -> button to see the next picture and video.)

In the comments section, many Jebat fans from Singapore also welcomed the country. Among the comments given:

“Best nyee jalan jalan je bud4k omeyyy ni .. muke dia mcm mummy tapi style dia mcm baba .. Amboi tangan masuk poket .. style la jayden ..”

“Welcome to Singapore, it’s cute .. it’s eco -friendly. Baguih him… Jayden’s voice is as good as his father’s voice .. “

” You are cute . Welcome to Singapore mummy and Jebat .. It’s polite for him to talk to mummy and his new mummy has a pocket or not .. “

“The way to walk like a father is very .. Where is the broken hand .. Temb4kan you do not want to go? haha .. encem boy la jebat ni .. “

“Cara jln mcm baba sharnaazahmad sangattt .. Welcome to Singapore sayang .. Comellah Jayden ckp ‘fower’ ..”

“Ohh in Singapore .. I can’t go there either, I’ve been sitting there for 5 years. the bigger the hencem .. “

“Enjoy your stay Jebat and mummy .. baby’s hand is not damaged dh ke .. at Marina Bay here .. Best nye klu dpt jmp bdk handsome lg petah berbual ni ..”

Certainly, this holiday is very meaningful for Jebat and his mother after not being able to go on holiday abroad for so long despite choosing a destination that is not far from Malaysia. Hopefully after this Jebat can go on holiday even further.

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