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Police University Drama Review: Episodes 5-6 – seam52

Drama Police College (2021) : Episode 5-6 Open Thread

by missvictrix

Now that our police and cadets have officially joined, their investigation is ongoing. Our cops may be one-way minded, but our cadet must balance the demands of the investigation along with his studies, his friendships, and his burgeoning romance. What will be the priority?

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It was a great week in this drama—the more we get into the plot, the more I enjoy it. The probe is full of red herrings, but the level of silliness (and anticipation of twists) keeps the whole thing fun. Romance and rivalry are also moving at full speed, and I continue to like that this drama doesn’t keep us waiting too long for the plot to progress.

Dong-man decides to accept Sun-ho’s help, and the two launch an investigation into their main suspect: PROFESSOR KWON ( Lee Jong-hyuk ). Not only is he acting suspicious, but he’s got the right shoe size, muddy tires, etc., to convince Dong-man that he’s their man.

We see the first of Dong-man and Sun-ho’s not-so-subtle collaboration as Sun-ho tries to distract Professor Kwon, and Dong-man uses a wire hanger to get into his car for black box footage. It’s an epic fiasco, one wonders how the two will properly investigate – but, after all, that’s their charm. And that’s also the charm of this story: our heroes are far from perfect, but it makes it easier to support them in their wrong and heartfelt endeavours. Sincerely may be the word of the day here. That must be what makes a ridiculous story like this hold water.

Professor Kwon is basically acquitted as a suspect (red herring #1?), but Dong-man presses on ferociously with a new suspect before his eyes. This time the owner of the local pub they frequent, whose name is PROFESSOR GO ( Shin Seung-hwan ). He had a criminal record, the right shoe size, a kind of suspicious aura about him, and he had also been a university professor. Dong-man is convinced, and he and Sun-ho set an elaborate trap to catch him.

While Sun-ho is up to his neck in all these investigations, he’s also trying to pursue his relationship with Kang-hee. This romance is so adorable, and again, I love how early he confesses to liking her, and how quickly we find out that he reciprocates his feelings. This week she’s been super flustered around her, doing everything from imagining her with cute puppy ears and puppy tails, to scathing and overly dramatic close-ups. This show has a great sense of humour.

As for our next stop at their romantic revelry, we venture into the tropes of drunken kissing, which play out in a long, fun sequence. Sun-ho gets very drunk at a pub meeting one night. Forget the fact that he’s with a group of professors who don’t seem to notice the cadets’ curfew: all that matters is that Kang-hee has to drag Sun-ho back to their dorm before they call.

With the cute maniac hall supervisor chasing them, desperately trying to catch the student violating the curfew, Kang-hee literally drags Sun-ho all over the university building, eventually hiding in a storage room in the basement. Sun-ho blushes and gets louder, calling out his name. “Kang-hee-ahhhh!” Kang-hee, knowing that they will be caught, does the only thing a girl can do in a situation like this: kiss her to silence her.

At first he’s too drunk to know what happened to him, but it only takes about three seconds for Sun-ho to suddenly come to his senses and start kissing his back (in real kisses). The editing here fools us completely. We thought the hall monitor would open the door to the storage room and find it, but when the door opens, it’s actually Min-gyu, Joon-wook, and Bum-tae, trying to save them.

Everyone came back intact, but the aftermath was another level. Kang-hee is even more confused and embarrassed to see Sun-ho the next day, but since it’s dramaland, of course he doesn’t remember anything. And, taking it a step further, he even thought that she might have attacked him. She’s horrified and looks to him to apologize for what she imagines to be the worst situation, while Kang-hee avoids her first out of embarrassment, and second out of anger, since he clearly doesn’t remember kissing her.

Poor Sun-ho! He wanted nothing more than to be Kang-hee’s hero, but the opposite happened. Her mother’s exams are coming, and it seems the only way for her to get a leave from school is to win her in a competition. KNPU sure has lots of social and team building events! This time it was an athletics festival where the professors and students were divided into three groups. They have to compete in various events, and the winning team gets a leave of absence.

At this point Sun-ho is coding his program all night (to be able to identify the incendiary phone call logs), and all day long he’s been in class or doing laps, practicing with impressive determination. Teams are created, and all of our favorite characters are on the same team; we enjoyed their relay race with just the right amount of silliness, hijinks… and then gravity. Because Sun-ho has to make a choice: run the race he’s trained to win the event and become Kang-hee’s hero, or leave the race and return to his dorm to trap the villains.

This drama is very good at setting up a moral dilemma that tests Sunho’s courage. It’s also great for red herring. Every time Dong-man is convinced of a certain suspect’s guilt (and convinces us), it’s proven wrong.

Dong-man and Sun-ho leave the event, and run to the dorm room where an elaborate alarm has been set off. The alarm proves that someone tried to tamper with Sun-ho’s laptop. But who is it? There’s no one in Sun-ho’s room when he gets there, but his adorable family photo has shattered into the frame. Just then Dong-man is blocked by someone… it’s his friend and partner, Chul-jin. Wait a moment! Is this red herring #3, or does the whole plot get a lot deeper?

To make things even more complicated, our episode ends on a par again from a node. Not only does Min-gyu confess to Kang-hee and give him a leave of absence, but Kang-hee vents his anger on Sun-ho. Finally, while Dong-man and Sun-ho are doing a question-and-answer session in his office, Dong-man accidentally sees a bug under this desk. He freezes in horror and motions for Sun-ho to stop talking. It all made a lot more sense now — why their investigations kept getting bogged down and tied up before they could actually find out the facts.

The plot thickening is a lot of fun, from the mole to the gambling ring at school, to the mess that Sun-ho goes through with Kang-hee. I’m also really excited to see the extra context we got about Dong-man’s cowardice this week. In looking at a bit of his background, we learn that his fiancé, also a police officer, was killed during their investigation. His temper and stubbornness make a lot more sense now, and I’m glad this drama offers these moments alongside the silliness and debauchery.


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