Poki Love Tiktok Viral: Review And How To Make It

Recently, there has been a trend of poki love on Tiktok. What do you think about the trend of poki love that is going viral on Tiktok? How to make? Read this article to the end, because we will discuss it thoroughly for all of you.

The Tiktok application is now the most popular social media. How not, users can surf and explore the unique videos in this application with ease.

You can even shop for home needs through the Tiktok shop. Because this application does not only provide content. But it can also be used for shopping.

In addition, Tiktok is also a center for new trends. There are so many trends that have emerged from Tiktok. One trend that is currently viral is Poki Love, which has recently been widely discussed on Tiktok.

What is the Viral Poki Love Trend in Tiktok?

review poki love Tiktok

Based on Sanepo’s search, the Poki Love trend on Tiktok is a trend of making poki snacks (a wafer stick with a chocolate wrapper) shaped like love.

This trend is usually used by someone to express love to others. It can also be a gift or a gift to others for their achievements.

Videos about the poki love trend are also often featured on the Tiktok or fyp homepage. This makes users flock to find out how to make the Poki Love.

Actually, this form of love can not only be applied to Poki snacks. You can use other objects or other foods that have box-shaped wrappers.

For example, such as cigarettes, snacks, and so forth. Although maybe the resulting love form will be slightly different.

Poki box size is larger, so it only takes a few boxes. While cigarettes and other small boxes, will definitely require a very large amount.

Therefore, Sanepo prefers you to use Poki Love Tiktok rather than food or other objects. For how to make Poki Love, you can listen to the following tutorial.

How to Make Poki Love Tiktok Easily

poki love Tiktok
how to make poki love Tiktok

To make a trend of Poki Love is actually very easy. All you need is some poki, glue or double-sided tape, and scissors.

Later the Poki will be made a bucket that resembles the shape of love. The price of a box of Poki is around 8 thousand only. You can buy it at the nearest shop or mini market.

There are two methods that you can apply, first you can remove all the contents of the stick cake first. Second, you immediately form love without having to remove the contents.

For more details, you can see the tutorial on how to make Poki love tiktok below.

  • First, prepare 8 packs of Poki that you bought from the minimarket.
  • Next, prepare glue or double-sided tape and scissors. Sanepo prefers to use double-sided tape to make it easier.
  • The next step, you can put double-sided tape on the part of the box that will be pasted (according to the shape of love).
  • Paste one part at a time. Be careful not to loose the box.
  • If you have finished, you can give Poki Love Tiktok to your partner or loved one.

Pretty easy to make right? You only need a few ingredients and put them together. You can also apply this method to food or box-shaped objects.


That’s Sanepo’s review of the viral Tiktok Poki Love trend. You already know what the trend is like and how to make it? Hopefully what Sanepo has shared can be useful and add insight.

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