Pocky Love Viral Tiktok And How To Make It

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Social media has now been stirred up again with a video that is going viral.

Pocky Forms Love That Goes Viral on Tiktok. It is indeed the hottest information and the most searched on social media to date, especially when many are questioning the video.

It could be that some social tool users already know about pocky love viral this. Now for those of you who don’t understand it, you don’t have to worry because the admin wants to review it in full.

More complete. Just follow as below, regarding pocky love which is currently being tracked and hunted by netizens.

What is Pocky Love Viral

Social tools often create terns which then go viral on the internet. Currently, there is a viral story about the small Pocky Love snacks that often appear on the Tiktok application.

Pocky trend in the form of love is a video that shows many people who are making a love-shaped bouquet from a small box of Pocky Love. This Pocky Love bouquet is distributed to loved ones.

As we know, Pocky snacks are small snacks in the form of chocolate sticks that originated in Japan.

Not only chocolate, there are also various flavors such as strawberry, milk chocolate, matcha, almond and others. Not a few tiktok users have provided videos of themselves sharing a pocky bouquet in the form of a heart to their companions.

There are lots of videos that share a viral Pocky Love bouquet and have been seen by many netizens for thousands to millions of millions of times. This proves that Pocky Love is being discussed recently.

Here’s How To Make A Pocky Love Shape In TikTok

Don’t be confused if there are many netizens who are curious and want to know how to make this love-shaped pocky. actually make pocky love It’s not difficult, especially Pocky’s small snacks are very easy to find in supermarkets or stalls.

Not only pocky snacks, all you need to provide is masking tape, dabbletip or glue sticks. If you want to make a Pocky Love Snack Puket, you need to use 8 pieces of bok pocky according to the taste you want.

If the ingredients are all there, all you need is to make a heart-shaped or love-shaped pocky snack box.

Then you stick the boxes with double-sided tape or glue gun that has been prepared, when it’s finished you can share Pocky love bouquet on loved ones.


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