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Plate H from Which Region? Find the Answer Here!

Plate H from Which Region? The search for the H plate has indeed become a search that is sought after by internet users.

So we can conclude that there are still many Indonesians who don’t know where the H plate is from. That’s why will discuss articles related to vehicle plates with the code letter H.

So those of you who don’t know with this H plate, where can you get the answer in this article. And you should read our article until the end, yes.

Because in this article we will also discuss the list of codes behind and also a list of vehicle plates for the Central Java region.

Immediately, yes, you can start reading the article below! Happy reading.

About Vehicle Plate Code

Plate H from Which Region

Already know that the vehicle plate is on the front and also the back. Yes, in addition to the vehicle plate, it is used as vehicle accessories as well as a form of identity for a vehicle.

Which so far is better known as the police number. And this police number will have different codes in each region.

Moreover, Indonesia is known as the country with the most provinces. So it is certain that each province will have a vehicle plate code that is different from other provinces.

And each vehicle plate will also be written with a combination of letters with different numbers. So how do we understand these codes?

Don’t worry, in this article you will find the answer as clearly as possible. For the answer to this H plate from where, you should continue reading the article below.

Plate H from Which Region

This H plate represents the Regency or City of Semarang and its surroundings. And the area that represents the H plate code is also not only Semarang City, but also several areas around it.

So this H plate does not mean that it can only operate in the Semarang area. This H vehicle plate can be used by several parts of the city around Semarang by having different rear codes.

The vehicle plate also confirms that the license plate in question is registered or has been registered in the Semarang area.

On the vehicle plate, in addition to using letters on the front of the number plate, there are also letters on the back, namely the 2nd and 3rd letters after the police number is listed.

And know that the last letter code on the vehicle plate also has its own meaning. The meaning of these letters is to explain the origin of a vehicle.

Because we previously mentioned that this vehicle plate H covers the Semarang area and its surroundings, this is to identify it more clearly by being marked with the second letter after the police number.

Rear Plate Code List

The following is a complete list of the back letter codes on vehicle plates used by the City of Semarang and the surrounding area:

  • Semarang city using the codes behind A*, W*, G*, F*, H*, P*, Q*, R*, S*, X*, Y* and Z*, for example H **** AY.
  • Regency. Semarang using the code behind C*, I*, L* and V*, for example H **** CV.
  • Regency. Demak using code-behind E*, N* and J*, eg H **** EJ.
  • Regency. Kendal using the code behind D*, U* and M*, for example H **** DM.
  • Regency. Salatiga use the code behind B*, O*, K* and T*, for example H**** BT.

List of Special Vehicle Plate Codes for the Central Java Region

In this Central Java region, there are several vehicle plates that will be divided based on the region, which include:

  • AA : This license plate is for Kedu, Kebumen, Purworejo, Temanggung, Magelang and Wonosobo areas.
  • AD : This vehicle plate is for Boyolali, Klaten, Karanganyar, Wonogiri, Sukoharjo, Surakarta and Sragen areas.
  • K : This vehicle plate is for Cepu, Pati, Kudus, Jepara, Grobogan, Blora and Rembang areas.
  • R : This vehicle plate is for the Purbalingga, Banjarnegara, Banyumas and Cilacap areas.
  • G : This vehicle plate is for the Batang, Brebes, Pemalang, Pekalongan and Tegal areas.
  • H : This vehicle plate is for the Demak, Salatiga, Semarang and Kendal areas.

Why Are There Letters That Are Not Used as Number Plate Codes?

In various sources it is stated that the vehicle plates are arranged using the arrangement of the letters A to Z which represent certain areas.

For example, the H plate represents the Semarang area and its surroundings. However, if you look again and find out again on the Samsat site, it turns out that there are some letters that were deliberately not used as plates.

What letters are they? The letters referred to include C, I, J, Q, O, V, X and Y. Which letters are not used for the prefix of the regional code letter as vehicle registration.

How can it be like that? Of course it didn’t happen without a reason. There is a background and factors that become the history of this number plate.

That is all the answers you will find through the 2 factors below:

1. Factors of Spelling Differences in the Dutch Colonial Period

The use of number plates has been around since the Dutch colonial era. At that time, people only used two languages, namely Dutch and Indonesian.

As is well known, the spelling used in those days was different. At that time, only using the spelling known to Soewandi spelling.

The spelling states that the letter C will be written with TJ. Because the regional code system was used during the Dutch colonial administration, the infrequent use of the letter C code then resulted in the absence of areas symbolized using the letter C code.

2. Factors for the Division of Army Unity during the British Government

In addition to the Netherlands, Britain also had the desire to be able to rule in Indonesia. But in the end the British only made a strategy of dividing their troops into 26 battalions and symbolized by the letters A to Z, which were then divided into all regions in Indonesia.

The battalion system is still applied today. Yes, the letter code in the era of British rule was only used to mark the troops.

And in the current era it is used to mark the identity of a vehicle with the name of the number plate that is used so as not to be confused.

But, from the entire team, it turns out that there are also those who only have the status of being a reserve team. Well, the proposed team is coded C, I, J, Q, O, V, W, U, X, Y.

And specifically for the code letter W which later in 2000 was used for codes from the surrounding Sidoarjo area and is also used today. The same applies to codes with the letter Z.

So actually the C plate code is not really non-existent. It’s just that this letter plate code will not be used for private vehicles such as the H vehicle plate.

The number plate C will only be used specifically for diplomatic corps that have a duty role in Indonesia. So it will not be used for the general public or private vehicles.

That’s it.


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