Plans to build a high-tech golf facility on the waterfront going forward

SAN DIEGO – Popular sports entertainment brand Topgolf has entered exclusive negotiations with the Port of San Diego in a bid to bring its high-tech drivetrain to East Harbor Island.

While the exact location has yet to be determined, the brand, which is owned by Carlsbad-based Callaway Golf, has been given initial approval by the San Diego port commissioners to move forward with the potential $40 million facility. The company’s plan is to build 68,000 square feet on an 8.5-acre site with 102 hit bays plus a restaurant and bar.

It’s a concept that took years to develop in San Diego and comes as the Topgolf brand expands into markets across the U.S. Another opening took place in California in mid-April at El Segundo along Pacific Coast Highway, the company’s 76th outdoor venue.

The proposal attracted some great reviews among San Diegans this week such as Javier Metoyar, a golfer who has traveled in the past to check out other Topgolf sites.

“I’m high,” Mitwiar said Wednesday. “I can’t wait for that to happen. I’ve played so many Topgolf before and can’t wait to see what we have to offer in San Diego. It’s perfect.”

Metoyar wonders why the company isn’t moving faster to put Topgolf in the community.

The San Diego Union-Tribune detailed some of the reasons in Tuesday’s story, noting that commissioners have been uncomfortable in the past allowing Topgolf to seize a large property in San Diego Bay. The company’s current plan appears to have quelled some of those concerns, however, as it limits the possibility of further development, according to the paper.

“You can play one game; you can play 10 games,” said Mituyar. “There are many people who don’t play golf until they play golf because they hit 10 yards or 100 yards and they love it.”

Even skeptical neighbors sometimes accept the idea of ​​development taking the place of rental car parts.

“I love getting ahead of something new and it will bring in other people,” said one resident, Sunny Finch.

The deal isn’t certain, but insiders say there’s a very good chance the flagship TopGolf will be on Harbor Island within a few years.

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