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PKN Class 9 Questions for Semesters 1 & 2 with Answers According to K13

This article will discuss some Class 9 PKN Questions complete with answers for the 2020-2021 school year based on the 2013 curriculum.

Citizenship education for grade 9 or for the SMP/MTS level is one of the subjects found in every public and private school.

To face semester 1 or semester 2 exams, we have to train a lot or study sample questions so that later we can answer them smoothly.

That’s why Mimin will give some examples of questions that you can use as learning materials, and here are some examples of PKN questions with answers for 9th grade students of SMP/MTs.

Sample Questions for Class 9 SMP/MTS PKN Subjects Complete with Answer Keys

Instructions for questioning:

  • Write your full name in the upper right corner.
  • Read the question slowly and carefully.
  • Do the questions that you think can be answered.
  • Then after you have finished check your work again and then collect it to your teacher.

Multiple Choice Questions:

I. Give a cross [x] in letters a, b and c then the answer is correct!

1. Miriam Budiardjo can determine which countries can impose their power on all other groups, what is called?

A. Bylaws
B. The goals of a common life
C. The basics of a suitable bond
D. The leader of a democratic country

Answer: d

2. In a primary state of human consciousness it begins with?

A. Has an advantage over other successes
B. Another part of God’s creation
C. It is impossible to meet all needs without the presence of other people
D. Living lonely in society

Answer: c

3. One of the goals of the state is to protect all its people and?

A. All Indonesian people
B. All tribes
C. All national leaders
D. All Indonesian children

Answer: a

4. Independence is the right of a nation, therefore colonialism in the world must be immediately abolished which is not in accordance with?

A. Principles in the state
B. the principles of the United Nations
C. international-scale agreements
D. Humanity and justice

Answer: d

5. Threats to a province which are based on?

A. Threats only exist in that area
B. Threat to the entire TNI
C. the responsibility of the police and the military
D. Threats to all regions in the country

Answer: d

6. The 1945 Constitution which provides amendments to Article 30 which contains “State Defense” is stipulated and then replaced with?

A. National Defense
B. Defense and security
C. Defense as well as comfort
D. Defense and Defense

Answer: a

7. The national defense system is a so-called non-military threat to government agencies that are outside the defense area?

A. Recommendation
B. support
C. addition
D. Main

Answer: d

8. The purpose of civic education is as a form to be able to compare competencies such as critical, rational or creative and also protect from?

A. Citizenship Issues
B. External threats
C. Globalization
D. Country problems

Answer: b

9. The constitutive element is?

A. People, populations or territories
B. Territory, government, or recognition from other countries
C. Citizens, Citizens or Sovereign Government
D. sovereign person, territory or government

Answer: d

10. A real example of a threat to the Republic of Indonesia at this time is?

A. foreign mushroom magazine
B. Very rampant KKN
C. The fading spirit of nationalism among young people
D. the entry of investment from foreign countries

Answer: d

11. In defending the state, the states will ensure that the Indonesian states are definitely imbued with?

A. The spirit and also the struggle to get national independence.
B. A very high fighting spirit based on trust in God.
C. The faith that is inside then receives a reward from God.
D. Love of the Republic of Indonesia which is based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

Answer: a

12. Has monopoly rights or rights are granted?

A. The purpose of the country
B. Features from the country
C. The basis of the state
D. The nature of a country

Answer: c

13. Harold J. Laski who put forward the various goals of the state is to create a state that can achieve?

A. Independence as a whole
B. maximum desire
C. Well-being to be together
D. Everything you want

Answer: c

14. In a country that can run the life of the government when the country?

A. have a very strong team
B. do their job properly
C. Conducting parliamentary elections smoothly
D. beat other countries

Answer: d

15. The form of universal national defense which means the succession of all national sources, institutions or national infrastructure throughout the country is?

A. A whole defense
B. National defense
C. territorial defense
D. National Defense

Answer: d

16. What is not included in the nature of the country is?

A. He is
B. Monopoly
C. Thoroughly
D. Strength

Answer: a

17. In Law number 3 in 2002, “Indonesian National Army” was defined and then replaced with?

A. Armed Forces
C. combat forces
D. Armed Forces

Answer: b

18. The participation of citizens in efforts to defend the nation by taking steps in civic education, voluntary service, military service/compulsory service is called by?

A. In sports as well as art
B. Professional obligations
C. People’s struggle
D. People’s Defense

Answer: d

19. Respect for the service of each hero can be achieved through?

A. Place a photo in each room
B. Use the paint that is on the road
C. Take care of his grave at all times
D. Pray for patience

Answer: c

20. The Republic of Indonesia was founded on August 17, 1945 but can only be?

A. 31 Maret 1947
B. December 27, 1949
C. 17 April 1949
D. 26 June 1946

Answer: d

Soal Essay:

II. Answer then describe the questions below!

1. Mention an example of openness from Pancasila ideology on politics!
Answer : In the political field, Pancasila contains the most important values, for example the need for deliberation before we make a decision

2. The basic philosophy of the Indonesian state, namely?
Answer: Pancasila

3. Name the countries that implement a liberal democratic system!
Answer: Liberal democracy is widely applied in countries such as the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and New Zealand.

4. No Pancasila namely as the state foundation of the Republic of Indonesia which was first confirmed by a person named?
Answer: Ir. Soekarno

5. The formulation of the basic question of an independent Indonesian state where is the work of the Nine Committee, namely?
Answer: Jakarta Charter

And that’s our discussion this time about Class 9 PKN Questions I hope this article can help you all, and thank you for visiting.

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