Pine Wood Integration in Tropical Home Design

Dutch pine or teak wood is a type of wood that is popular as the basic material for various furniture and furnishings. Pine wood is included in the softwood group. Its characteristics are quite hard with fine fibers and have a bright color so it is very fitting when combined when you use the services of a typical Indonesian tropical house design.

In addition to the wooden trunk which is empowered as a furniture material, it can also be the main material for paper, making matches, etc. You can also use the sap as a paint thinner.

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Let’s get to know more about the types of pine wood, their advantages and disadvantages, and how we can apply them by reading the following article from the Jakarta Architect Service Studio:

Characteristics of Pine or Dutch Teak Wood

Good Strength and Resilience

Although teak and oak are still heavier than pine wood, the rigid texture of this pine wood makes it have good resistance to impact so as to minimize damage caused. Because this makes it very suitable as a material for furniture. To make it more durable, you can coat the wood with termites and then go through the oven roasting process.

Captivating Colors That Match a Tropical Home Design

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Tropical Home Design Services with Jakarta Architect Services Studio @studiojaj

Its neutral color makes it practical and flexible for the choice of architectural style with tropical home design services. The color character of the pine tree lies in its bright creamy white elements. This brightness is also very distinctive so that it can be a clear distinguishing factor from other types of wood. In addition, there is also pine wood which is yellow with brownish elements. Because the color tends to be neutral, you can combine pine wood with any color paint without reducing its beauty.

Fine Fiber Easy to Form

With its fine fibers and a less dense texture, pine wood is easy to process and shape. It doesn’t take long to work on pine wood material even to the finishing stage.

Getting to Know the Famous Types of Pine Wood in Home Design

There are two types of pine wood that have many enthusiasts as the main material for making furniture. The types of pine wood are Mercury and Radiata. How to tell the difference? Know it as a reference when consulting with your architect services.

The average Merkusii pine has a diameter of 1m with a tree height range from 25m to 45m. The habitat of this type of wood in Indonesia is the island of Sumatra. To be more precise, it can be found in Mount Talang and Kerinci. The grain in Merkusii pine is smooth, straight with the same size. The other is Radiata Pine Wood which is more familiar in several countries such as: Chile, New Zealand, Australia, United States of America, and South Africa. The characteristics of this type of wood are smooth fibers and trunks, but the trunk has many small branches because there are abundant knots in this type of wood. Although shorter than the Merkusii pine, it can reach 15 to 30 meters in height with a diameter ranging from 20-80 cm.

These two types of pine wood have a soft texture so they are easy to shape. The drying time is also fairly the same in order to get an MC level of up to 12%, which is 12-15 days. Pines can also grow in less fertile and sandy areas with relatively fast growth.

Price Range of Pine Wood

The main advantage of pine wood is the fast growth of this type of wood so that it is abundant and makes the price friendly compared to its competitors such as teak, etc. Whether or not it is expensive depends on the area of ​​cultivation and its size. For the price of pine wood with a diameter of 30 cm starting from per beam, the minimum varies from Rp. 17,500. Logs can be priced per cubic meter of Rp.800,000-1,100,000JT.

Weakness of Pine Wood

Although it is predicted to be solid and strong, there is no ivory that is not cracked, as well as the pine wood itself. This type of wood is very easy to mold. The effect, after experiencing felling, the wood must immediately go through the drying process. In its application as a furniture material, the layout must also be considered. Therefore, do not place it in a room that is prone to humidity to avoid mold.

Another thing is that if you want furniture made of pine wood with a non-natural finish or through a paint process, you have to be careful with knots or oil pockets. Generally, because their surface is harder than the other sides, it will affect the absorption rate of the finishing material. As a result, there may be differences in color and the oil pockets and knots of the finishing do not penetrate.

Interested in Integrating Pine Wood into Your Tropical Home Design?

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