“Piaw really utagha Jayden but bel4h where is it, haha ​​..” – Netizen

Video of Jayden’s Great Behavior While Buying Soy Water With His Mummy, Noor Nabila To Entertain Citizens. Amb0i Jebat, His Accent Is More Concentrated Than The People Of Penang. He’s the one who really taught Mummy to say, Haha !!

The cute antics of this little boy named Jebat Jayden often tease fans. Full of funny jokes, Jebat’s eloquent conversation also made ger4m fans with words coming out of his mouth.

Reviewing Jebat Jayden’s Instagram account, a video was shared showing Jebat with Noor Nabila in the car. Buying drinking water, Jebat was asked by his mummy what water Jebat had bought.

With full confidence, Jebat said ‘Air soyaq’, and Nabila was surprised to hear the word ‘soyaq’. When asked again, Jebat taught his mummy to say the word one by one, ‘Air Soyaq’.

Jebat Jebat, really impressed with the Penang baba accent it seems. That’s right Nabila said, when the Penang accent is mixed with KL mixed with seng4u, that’s what happens. Jebat is funny, he never fails to entertain this Jebat.

Let’s watch the video below:

The longer version can be watched here:

To date, the partnership has garnered over 30,000 views since it was uploaded. Among the fan comments:

”New sound unlocked haha, confident ajaq mummy tu. Ger4m lah Jebat ni. He also really taught mummy to say haha ​​.. “

”Haha ad0i boy, there is no ja him. Son ant0 really nah. soyaq² also jebat still cute hahah easy to be entertained ngn jebat. May he grow up well to be a pious child Aamiin .. “

“There’s a little bit of noise so it’s Jebat. Her mommy also came with Jebat to say, this child is cute .. “

”Ad0i Jayden ni, follow pak dia laaaa loghat sharnaaz ahmad. Every time tgk jebat ni. I remember her father. Perang4i cute haha ​​.. “

”Pel1k je bunyi haha, small small has created a new language haha. Mummy can also listen to this .. “

”Ad0i he is the one who taught mummy to say a word. Mami hang ni orang penang pun tak kata air soyaq, mami kata ayaq soya haha ​​.. “

”Piaw really utagha Jayden but bel4h where is it haha. It’s funny Jebat, even sal4h is still confident to teach mummy to say haha ​​.. “

All sorts of things are true Jebat, the name soyaq is no longer mentioned by Penang people as Jebat, haha. Clever and clever Jebat Jayden made his own words. Important confident ye tak Jebat. Anything continues to cheer dear baba and mummy.

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