Phil Mickelson Bows Out of PGA Championship in Oklahoma

Another major without Lefty. Phil Mickelson isn’t going to participate in the PGA Championship in Oklahoma, it was announced today. Following his withdrawal from the Masters earlier this season, Mickelson will not appear in Oklahoma. As the defending champion, this move is even more shocking.

Of course, Mickelson is dealing with the blowback from comments he made about the PGA Tour. After it was revealed that the golfer was attempting to start another major tour with backing from Saudi finances. It was a strange moment. However, it has caused a lot of repercussions. This seems to be one of them. However, the PGA says they would have gladly had him play.

“We have just been informed that Phil Mickelson has withdrawn from the PGA Championship,” PGA of America announced, according to the NY Post. “Phil is the defending champion and currently eligible to be a PGA Life Member and we would have welcomed him to participate. We wish Phil and [wife] Amy the very best and look forward to his return to golf.”

It has been more than three months since Lefty last played competitively. That’s a long time. And, it appears that it will continue for the foreseeable future. The six-time major winner and two-time PGA Champion is going to sit out just a year after such a historic win. At age 50, Mickelson became the oldest golfer to win a major.

Is Phil Mickelson Banned from the PGA Championship?

By all accounts, this appears to be Phil Mickelson’s decision to miss the PGA Championship. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from peering into comments. PGA America CEO Seth Waugh was on the 5 Clubs podcast and made some very interesting comments.

“The idea is if he does play, and if he’s able to and allowed to … he would certainly have to face the media,” the CEO explained. “But I hope it’s Monday or Tuesday. What we’re trying to do is deliver a major championship, not a circus.”

The “allowed to” part has some thinking that a suspension or ban is in place. However, there is nothing public about any sort of suspension or ban being out there.

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