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Persona 5 Royal – All Books and Where to Find Them

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Persona 5 Royal and other games in the franchise are more than just turn-based role-playing games—they’re also similar to everyday life. One of the most important aspects of this part of the Persona franchise is social statistics. Social statistics affect which events you have access to (including Confidant events and jobs), allowing you to get more done.

There are many ways to increase your social status in Persona 5 Royal, and one of them is by reading books. The right book can also unlock location You can bring your trust to increase your affinity and other activities. Here’s a list of each in-game book, their effects, and where to find them.

Persona 5’s Kingdom Book Location

Café Leblanc Attic

When you first move to Cafe Sojoro, there are two books that you can immediately find.

Book Number of Chapters Affect How to unlock
Social Thought 2 Knowledge+3 Clean the attic
Yoncha Walker 04 1 Opens a shortcut to the Bathouse and Batting Center in Yogen-Jaya Clean the attic

Shujin School Library

Books in the Shujin School Library do not need to be purchased, but can be borrowed at any time. Several books are opened later in the story. You can only borrow one book at once.

Book Number of Chapters Affect How to unlock
Pirate Legend 2 Guts+3 Available from scratch
Alluring Dancer 2 Charm +3 Available from scratch
Great Thief 2 Knowledge+3 Available from scratch
Zorro the Villain 2 Kindness +3 Available from scratch
Brave villain 2 Guts+3 Unlock after Yusuke joins the team
Illusionary Whale 2 Kindness +3 Unlock after Makoto joins the team
Cthulu’s shout 2 Skill +3 Unlock after Haru joins the team
Dressed in Gray 2 Charm +3 Unlock after Kasumi joins the team
Hero with Bow 2 Guts+3 Unlocked after Akechi joined the team
Speed ​​Reader 1 Allows you to read more than one chapter per session Unlock after 1/7

How to rent a book in Persona 5 Royal

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To rent a book in Persona 5 Royal, contact Student Librarian in the room. You don’t have to look for books off the shelves.

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Books can too bought at Bookstores around Tokyo. Talk to a Bookstore employee to see the current selection. Unlike the library, you can buy more than one book at a time.

Taiheido Bookstore on Central Street

Book Number of Chapters Affect Price How to unlock
Buchiko’s Story 2 Kindness +3 700 Available from scratch
Playing Games 2 Charm +3 700 Available from scratch
Charm Art 2 Charm +3 700 Available from scratch
Tidy the Heart 2 Skill +3 700 Available from scratch
Unclear 1 Unlock Harajuku 1,800 Unlock after 18/5
Medjed Menance 2 Knowledge+3 1,200 Unlock after 6/1
Nightlife hotspot 1 Opening Odaiba Seaside Park 1,800 Unlock after 6/1
Words of the Wise 2 Knowledge+3 700 Unlock after 6/1
Ghost Meeting 2 Guts+3 700 Unlock after 1/7
Aquarium of the Day 1 Unlocking the aquarium in Shinagawa 700 Unlock after 17/7
Fish Pond Spotter 1 Unlock Ichigo 1,800 Unlock after 17/7
Night sky 1 Opening Ikebukuro 1,800 Unlock after 9/1
musty page 1 Unlock Jinbocho 1,800 Unlock after 9/1
Tokyo Shrine 1 Opening Meiji Shrine 1,800 Unlock after 9/1
Nakano Walker 1 Opening Nakano Shopping Center 1,800 Unlock after 10/1

Hinokuniya Bookstore in Shinjuku

Book Number of Chapters Affect Price How to unlock
ABC Craft 1 Double the number of tools you can create 2,000 Create an infiltration tool
The Science of Hitting 1 Opens Third Eye when hitting 2,800 Use the Batting Center at Yongen-Jaya Backstreets
The essence of fishing 1 Opening the Third Eye while fishing 2,800 Fish in the Ichigaya fishing pond near Shinjuku
Game Secret 1 Unlock cheats when playing Retro Videos 2,800 Play Retro Videos on Your Famidrive
*You need both Famidrive and CRT Television from the Thrift Store in Yongen-Jaya to do this
Learn Darts PRO 1 Opening the Third Eye while playing darts 2,800 Playing darts at Kichijoji
*Opens after Madarame confesses
Bungapedia 1 Unlock bouquet hints while working at the Flower Shop 2,800 Apply for a part-time job at the Flower Shop at Subway Mall, Shibuya Station
* Requires 2nd Rank Charm
Cinema Craft 1 Increase social status gain while watching movies and DVD 2,800 Visit the cinema (found in Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Yongen-Jaya)

Nagiuri Bookstore in Jinbocho

Book Number of Chapters Affect Price How to unlock
Master Swordsman 3 Guts+4 8,000 Available from scratch
Call Me Chief 3 Kindness +4 8,000 Read “Master Swordsman”
Heroic Revelation 3 Knowledge+4 8,000 Read “Master Swordsman”
Automata Art 3 Skills+4 8,000 Read “Master Swordsman”
Careless Casanova 3 Charm+4 8,000 Read “Call Me Chief”
Knowing the Heart 1 Unlock more Technical combos 12,000 Read all the books above
Speed ​​reading 1 Allows you to read more than one chapter per session 12,000 Read all books from Naguiri Bookstore

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Next Ace Sports Store in Underground Mall

Book Number of Chapters Affect Price How to unlock
Expert Billiards 1 Unlock trick shot while playing pool, Increase Technical Rank to 2 3,500 Played billiards twice at Kichijoji
*Opens after Madarame confesses
Billiard Wizard 1 Unlock more trick shots while playing pool, Increase Technical Rank to 4 Free Unlock after reaching Technical Rank 3

Sakai Merchant (located in Kichijoji)

Book Number of Chapters Affect Price When to get?
Factorization Guide 1 Adding knowledge gained while studying MRE rations (obtained from the gatcha engine in the Airsoft Store) Only available between 26/7 and 30/7


Finally, there are some books that you can only get from the competition mission in Keepsake.

Book Number of Chapters Affect How to get
Amusement Park Escort 1 Unlock Destinyland Complete “We Are Not Just Your Slaves”
* Unlocked after half time in the Crossroads bar twice
Chinese sweets 1 Open Chinatown Complete “Part Time Jobs, Full Time Hell”
*Opens after Moon Confidant Rank 4
Shita-machi Reborn 1 Unlock Asakusa Complete “Who’s Muscular in Yongen-Jaya”
*Accessible via IM on 29/8

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