Pepper in the eyes of others is a refresher: Deolane calls her friend Léo Dias a hypocrite

Journalists release notes on search warrant and seizure at his home in Alphaville, in São Paulo

Dear readers, we already have indications that the story will not be good for Léo Dias, after the reporter released a note regarding a search and seizure warrant at Deolane’s home. Until now the two were friends, but it seemed that the journalists were doing their job, which was to report the facts, so dondoca became nervous. It?

“Let me pass on a message to Miss Léo Dias. Leo, my dear, don’t you know what the Betzord company is? You’ve advertised the product, you even have a photo with one of the owners”, starts the lawyer

Lawyers also posted a photo of the journalist with the owner of Betzord, the company the police focus on. “Stop being a hypocrite, just like me, you too live in publicity. Your sensationalism with this clique is disgusting”, dismissed Deolane.

Mom isn’t there? Léo Dias does his sole job of reporting facts, a commitment to truth is part of journalism, Deolane.

As far as we know, the lawyer was a little nervous and asked his closest people to tell Leó Dias not to give a rating, sorry…


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