People are blown away by a puzzling quiz question on ITV’s Tenable

Viewers were blown away by a truly confusing quiz question on Defensible, which required a lengthy explanation from host Warwick Davis before the contestant could continue. Watch an excerpt here:

The UK game show sees contestants attempt to win up to €125,000 by completing lists of 10 items. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, apparently not when it comes to frozen vegetables in Iceland, which was the subject of a mind-boggling recent question.

Davis posed the riddle to contestant Zoe on the show earlier this week, saying, “The 10 frozen vegetables after broccoli sold in Iceland. »

Viewers found the question about frozen vegetables in Iceland completely mind-boggling. 1 credit

But he didn’t end there, continuing: “We’re just going to clarify this for you: we’re looking for the 10 vegetables that come after broccoli in alphabetical order, which are sold separately in Iceland as part of their own range of brands.

“This list is based on the following search on the website – first under frozen, then under vegetables and rice. Finally then under the vegetables.

“We do not include vegetables sold on other pages of the website. There are no potato products on our list.

“This is according to the website, as of February 10, 2022.”

He added: “So good luck with that, are you ready to start? »

Zoe seemed somehow unfazed by the complicated question.  1 credit
Zoe seemed somehow unfazed by the complicated question. 1 credit

Surprisingly, despite a slightly puzzled expression amid Davis’ rant, Zoe seemed relatively unfazed by the elaborate question, saying with a smile, “Yeah, let’s go!”

Viewers watching at home, however, weren’t so sure, with one tweet: ‘Earlier today I was completely reduced to total hysteria by this question and Warwick Davis’ detailed explanation on what this question means. »

Someone else replied, “Wait. What? OK, I got it, no waiting. What? »

Even Iceland got involved, admitting in the comments: “OK – even WE don’t understand this question…”

Another person completely missed the point, writing: “Am I stupid not to know that Iceland is a store in the UK? All the while I was wondering why the country of Iceland had a vegetable section on their website. »

Naturally, others were just keen to know what the answers were:

Eventually, game show maestro Richard Osman also chimed in to offer some context on the matter, explaining, “The key here is that you have to say this stuff in the studio, for legal reasons. »

He added: “But, for the love of Saint Kitts, DO NOT KEEP IT IN THE EDIT. »

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