Pelosi likely out of chicken – Trump criticizes crazy Nancy for Taiwan ploy, Xi threatens Biden ‘don’t play with fire’

FOrmer President Donald Trump once said to a Republican senator – “Taiwan is two feet from China. We are 8000 miles away. If they invade, there is no silly Something we can do about it.” The senator, who had been trying to persuade Trump to do everything he could to persuade China not to crack down on protesters in Hong Kong, left speechless.

Despite the red dragon being pricked with a series of political moves that demonstrated US support for Taiwan, including bragging about how he had received a congratulatory call from Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, even Trump knew Determine of the great military power. Every POTUS blew their horn about defending Taiwan, but behind the scenes, they’re not interested.

If the United States is serious about defending Taiwan’s democracy, what it should do is simply recognize the island as an independent country in the United Nations, which will lead to Taipei officially declaring its independence. But Xiong Guangkai, a former deputy chief of staff of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, once told a US official: “We won’t sacrifice Los Angeles to protect Taiwan.”

Mr. Xiong’s statement occurred in 1995 during the Clinton administration, when former State Department official Chas Freeman was told that Beijing was willing to sacrifice millions of people in the nuclear exchange With the United States to prevent Taiwan independence. As much as Trump liked to act decisively, he knew the consequences. What he was most willing to go into was a trade war.

So it came as no surprise when Trump, who is banned on Twitter, took to the Truth Social platform on Friday (July 29) and criticized Nancy Pelosi. Criticizing the speaker of the House of Representatives for her Taiwan campaign – “China’s chaos is the last thing you should be involved in – it will only make it worse,” said the former spokeswoman. crazy nancy It just inserts itself and causes too much friction and hatred.

As it turns out, not only did President Joe Biden think Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was a bad idea, Donald Trump and many ordinary Americans criticized the controversial trip. Comments in the US media criticized Pelosi’s political stunt as incredibly stupid and dangerous or encouraged the Chinese military to do so. Projection her plane to help the Americans get rid of her.

Nancy Pelosi's plane was shot down by a Chinese warship - Taiwan Flight

Since the 82-year-old Democratic lawmaker began her Asia tour on Friday that has included visits to Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, nearly 80,000 users have been linked to flight-tracking service FlightRadar24. The focus was on “SPAR19,” believed to be a US Air Force Boeing C-40 Clipper carrying Nancy Pelosi. The flight is comically marked as “WW3 Journey”.

The guessing game is whether Pelosi is going to visit Taiwan or get the chickens out. The House speaker had previously planned to visit Taiwan in April, but had to cancel it after he tested positive for Covid-19. Record her itinerary trip to the island in the name of “hesitant”. It was taking off from Andrews Air Force Base and landing in Honolulu, Hawaii, the usual first stop in the Pacific Ocean for such flights.

Since she is supposed to attend an event in Singapore on August 1 (Mon), it remains uncertain when and if Pelosi will actually visit Taipei. Pelosi herself has refused to confirm her travel plans – suggesting that Washington was deeply concerned that the stop in Taiwan would trigger a strong Chinese response and turn the episode into a “crisis escalating to military conflict.

Unleash the Taiwan flag

Hu Xijin, a former editor-in-chief of the Global Times, said the Chinese armed forces could impose a no-fly zone on Taiwan, and send fighter planes over the island. He also suggested that Chinese warplanes should “escort” Nancy Pelosi’s plane, and if it came under fire, China should attack Taiwan’s military planes and bases. Of course, things can go wrong and Pelosi’s plane could crash Close “by accident”.

Escorting Pelosi’s planes to prevent them from landing in Taiwan would be provocative not only to the United States, but also to Taiwan’s airspace. violatedIndirectly legitimizing Beijing’s claim to the island if Taiwan did not dare attack it. The House Speaker’s half-baked visit to China will provide the windows to provoke and test the readiness of Taiwan and the United States for all-out war.

Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefe said – “If the United States insists on taking its own course, the Chinese military will not stand idly by, and it will certainly take strong actions To thwart the interference of any outside force and separatist schemes for “Taiwan independence”, and resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping - Phone call

While the provocative opinion of Hu Xijin has been dismissed in the past as a blank slate, a phone call Thursday (a day before Pelosi’s Asian tour) between President Joe Biden and President Xi Jinping caused a shudder in the depths of the White House. Xi threatened Biden during the phone call that lasted more than two hours – “Those who play with fire you will die with it. Hopefully, the United States will be clear on this matter.”

Biden’s response was that US policy had not changed. The US president also expressed his hope to maintain personal contacts with the Chinese leader to avoid this miscalculation It may lead to confrontation. Another sign that the United States has no desire for war is a “special assessment of the security situation” that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin gave Pelosi on Wednesday.

Why exactly should Austin talk to Pelosi about the security situation if the US military didn’t have the disturbing intelligence about the trip? More importantly, if the United States has nothing to fear from potential Chinese military retaliation, Biden should fully support his fellow Democratic political party and Pelosi should not be excessive. secretive About her schedule to visit Taiwan.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen

It seems that even Taiwan is stuck in catch 22 status, and to remain silent about Pelosi’s trip when it should be celebrated. After all, Pelosi is second in line for the presidency and will be the first visit of a House speaker to Taiwan since 1997. On July 19, the Taiwanese foreign ministry said it had not received any information about the planned visit. No update has been released since then.

On the same day that Pelosi began her journey in World War III, China announced that she would begin “live ammunition” Military exercises in the waters near Pingtan County, Fujian Province – located only 126 kilometers from Hsinchu, the city closest to the island of Taiwan. All civilian ships were denied entry to the area during the exercise from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday.

In addition, the Chinese authorities plan to hold at least 5 military exercises From July 29 to August 2 in the Taiwan Strait as Beijing thought the “tentative” date to visit Taiwan might be a ploy by Pelosi to suddenly travel to the self-governing island from Japan. While observing Pelosi’s plane, she would likely sneak into Taiwan using a civilian plane.

Chinese warship - combat exercise

It does not matter whether the President of the United States and the Speaker of the House of Representatives act independently. As far as Beijing is concerned, Biden and Pelosi belong to the same party and government. The White House and Congress represent the United States. Moreover, it is difficult to say whether they both play the role of the good cop and the bad cop. No matter the excuse, China will do it don’t forgive Visit Taiwan.

Military exercises show that Chinese aircraft intercepting Pelosi’s plane, even if it is accompanied by American combat aircraft, is not the only option on the table. Besides having more than enough fighter planes to confuse and intimidate the American delegation into making a ballistic turn missiles It could be launched over Taiwan’s airspace to create a scenario as if a war was about to begin.

To be sure, shooting down the US House Speaker’s plane would be an act of war. However, in the event of chaos, a rogue missile can easily be blamed incident. The United States received enough warnings not to interfere with China’s sovereignty. The main point – will the United States go to war with China over the “accidental shooting down” of Pelosi’s plane.

map of china and taiwan

Alternatively, China can also use Pelosi’s visit as an excuse Invasion of the islands Such as Kinmen Island, Dongyin Island, Dongsha Island (Pratas) and Taiping Islands (Itu Aba). If Taiwan or the United States retaliates, China could impose a no-fly zone on Taiwan – a challenge to Western powers to declare war on China during a difficult time as Europe is still struggling over the Ukraine war.

Taiwanese Business It will be severely disrupted if China declares a no-fly zone. In July 1995 when the Chinese military announced a week-long series of military exercises (including the launch of four M-9 missiles into the East China Sea north of Taiwan) after Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui’s visit to the United States, tensions saw his visit to Taiwan. The stock market is down 33%.

Despite the weakness of the Chinese army, the 1995 conflict ignited many panic That people on the island lined up at the banks to convert their money into dollars. Taiwan’s foreign exchange reserves have fallen by an average of $500 million per day. The Clinton administration has finally flexed its muscle by sending two aircraft carriers – the Nimitz and the USS Independence – the largest fleet deployed since the end of the Vietnam War.

US President Joe Biden - ignorant

This time, Biden only deployed the USS Ronald Reagan to the South China Sea ahead of a possible visit to Taiwan by Nancy Pelosi — suggesting that Biden realized he could not play the same Clinton card to intimidate China’s military might. US military intelligence may have received reports of Chinese military equipment a movementincluding the PHL-16 rocket artillery and armored vehicles transported on trains.

Capturing one or more Taiwanese islands such as Russia appendix Crimea in 2014 is the easiest victory – a page from Vladimir Putin’s playbook of picking the hanging fruits. This would be the first step to seizing Taiwan and also to test how far the United States is willing to go. But even if the US backs down and Pelosi believes it would risk a military conflict, it would be a huge victory for Beijing.

That’s why Trump calls her Crazy Nancy. Pelosi’s folly and stubbornness present an opportunity for China to make the first step toward Taiwan, just as Zelensky’s stupidity in wanting to join NATO allowed Russia to invade the country. The last thing the world needs right now is another war after the Russian-Ukrainian conflict created energy and Economic crisis.

China Dongfeng DF-21D - ASBM . Anti-ship Ballistic Missile

About 20 years ago, Chinese warships were quite a joke behind Western and Russian – quantity and quality. Not only were their ships smaller, they were only equipped with short-range missiles. However, in terms of the number of warships, China has already struck a fleet of 335 ships in 2019, more than the entire US Navy’s fleet of 293 ships.

Today, not only does China have more warships than the United States, but the Dong-Feng 26 “aircraft carrier killer”, also known as the “Guam Express” or “Guam Killer”. Worse, the Chinese army has nuclear missiles maybe Hit the United States in 30 minutes. China has about 3,000 aircraft, including 1,800 fighters, about 800 of which are fourth-generation aircraft – the third largest aviation power in the world.

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